108 Ski Resorts In North America Recognize Seniors With Free Lift Tickets.







SeniorsSkiing.com’s co-publisher Jon Weisberg has another article on Huffington Post, this time describing where seniors can ski for free or for very little money.  [NOTE: You can only download this list from SeniorsSkiing.com. There is no download link in the Huff Post article.  See instructions in BOLD below.]

We are told by ski industry veterans that free skiing for seniors used to be much more widespread. However, a decade or so ago, some resort owners decided that they would rather cash in on seniors rather than gift them a ski lift ride in recognition for years of loyalty to the sport; big discounts and free skiing were gone.

From this list of 108 North American ski resorts, it appears that some more enlightened resorts might be swinging the pendulum back to free skiing.  Sure, some of these resorts are small- or medium-sized, but they are attracting seniors, filling lifts, especially mid-week, and perhaps hosting their families.  The impact of having a loyal group of seniors gathering at the lodge, skiing together, having lunch, staying occasionally for dinner is a huge positive for a ski resort.

Part of our mission at SeniorsSkiing.com is to show the industry the value we bring to their businesses beyond passes and tickets.

If you ARE a subscriber to SeniorsSkiing.com, you can download the list of resorts that offer free skiing by going to the top menu, click on COMMUNITY, then click on SUBSCRIBER-ONLY CONTENT.  In the drop down menu, you will find the list of resorts.  Re-enter your email address, and you can download the file.

If you ARE NOT a subscriber, sign up.  It’s totally free, and we have strived to bring our readers value in the form of ski recommendations for seniors, discounts from top brands, and a collection of historic ski posters from the International Ski History Association.  All free and focused on helping seniors continue to enjoy the outdoors and snow sports of all kinds.



  1. Marcia Carldon says:

    How do I subscribe

    • Michael Maginn says:

      You should see a popup come up after a few seconds on the site. If not you can sign up using the form in the right column. Just scroll down, enter name and email. Let us know if you have a problem.

  2. Emilio Trampuz says:

    So this article points at the Huffington Post article, and the Huffington Post points at Seniors Skiing, and neither of them actually provide a list of the 108 ski areas. Why not simply provide a link to the page containing the list?

  3. Matthew Tolchin says:

    Not sure HOW you fixed this. I still can’t reach the article. Click on the title and I come back here. What’s the correct procedure?

  4. Looking forward to your research results.

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