Imagine an extensive road network in which single and double lanes merge with big highways. No stoplights. No speed limits. Highway patrol rarely issues tickets. 

Driving these roads doesn’t require a license. Anyone willing to pay the steep toll gets on. Vehicles aren’t safety checked. Tickets issued at the tollbooth carry a well-lawyered statement about individual responsibility for safety when entering the system. 

The private company that owns the network fills potholes and posts warning signs at major intersections. Occasionally, it stations highway patrol where it wants drivers to slow down. 

Many of the larger roads have a slow lane for drivers who want to use it, but fast motorcyclists weave in and out, just as they do with the other lanes. 

When there’s an accident, highway patrol gets there quickly, as does EMS. Those badly injured are treated and evacuated to the nearest medical facility. 

The Department of Transportation doesn’t require the company to report accidents, injuries, or deaths. 

Older drivers report hit and runs and near misses to Highway Patrol and the company. Little, if any, corrective action is taken. 

Imagine such a crazy system. Just imagine.

Againer Exoskeleton Increases Skiing Strength and Endurance

Againer Exoskeleton is a leg-assistance device that increases leg muscle performance and reduces pressure on the knees and back. It is especially useful for older skiers as well as those with injuries or disabilities. Worn on the outside of ski pants, the lightweight device uses adjustable gas springs to improve leg muscle performance.  US Sales Manager, Murray Jacobson, is a new advertiser. He sells directly to customers and is available to answer questions about Againer. The product will be reviewed in in the next month or so. In the menwhile, click on the picture above and/or visit the Againer Exoskeleton website.

Feel Young, Act Young; Feel Old….

This report about perceived age vs chronological age in The New York Times should interest most older skiers. The takeaway: feel young and you’ll behave that way. 

Ski Racing $$$$

World Cup downhill and slalom winners in Kitzbuehel this January will receive 100,000 Euros ($111,447), per event, setting a new prize money high. 

Displaying Old Season Passes

Jan Brunvand’s season pass collection.

Jan Brunvand, a frequent contributor, sent in this photo of a clever and creative way to display years of season passes. His earliest Utah pass is for Park City (1968).

UK’s Ski TV Now Available on ROKU

UK-based SKI TV is dedicated to the ski and snow industry. It’s now available in the US via ROKU. Click here for the link. 

Warren Miller’s Timeless

The new film is screening around the globe. To locate a showing near you, click here

The Secret of Skiing

Comedian Larry Miller

Stand up comic, Larry Miller, tells the hilarious account of his frst time skiing. I laughed throughout the 35-minute routine. Audio, only.


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  1. Hiway systems also have police that give tickets to speeders and reckless drivers and suspend licenses. In DUI suspected situations they can inspect your vehicle. They can arrest you if they find drugs. Just think about inspecting back pacs

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