Growing up in Troy, N.Y., my friends and I often rode our bikes to Oakwood Cemetery, where we’d visit the tombstone of Samuel Wilson, aka Uncle Sam. One cold day, a pond had frozen in a way I never forgot and never saw again. For some reason, the ice had formed thousands of vertical tubes. 

Oddities like this happen throughout nature. I find them special because they’re ephemeral. We’re fortunate to be there when they occur. And when they do, they don’t last for long. The brevity of their existence, like ours, makes the moment even more beautiful.

Since these occurrences are so fleeting, I find myself relying on pictures taken by others.

Google “weird snow and ice formations” and you’ll get many results. One website that pops up is called Bored Panda. It describes itself as dedicated to publishing articles about “lightweight and inoffensive topics.” There, you’ll find a photo gallery of fascinating ice and snow formations from around the globe.

As we enter the Northern Hemisphere’s 2019-20 season, take a few minutes to enjoy these photos of unusual, natural winter formations. And when you’re out and about in the cold, whether skiing, in your garden, or walking through the park, look around and see what natural wonders are there.


Roam Elevate Named One of TIME’s Best Inventions

Every year, TIME highlights the Best Inventions “…making the world better, smarter and a bit more fun.” This year, under the headline, Pain-Free Skiing, TIME gave Special Mention to Roams Elevate robotic ski exoskeleton. “The equipment includes a backpack and a device that resembles a knee brace, which you strap to your legs. Elevate sends air pressure from the backpack to the brace, acting as an intelligent shock absorber that reduces load off the quads and knees.” Starting December 15, the Roam Elevate will be available for rental from 10 resorts in California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana and Utah for as little as $25. Click on adjacent ad for more information.



Happy 100th, Klaus!

Klaus Obermeyer

Klaus Obermeyer, the legendary skier and innovator, whose eponymous ski clothing brand is found almost everywhere, turned 100, December 2. Click here for “It’s Easier To Ski Than To Walk,” the  interview with Klaus which appeared in in 2017.

Alta: 117″ To Date

There are many reasons Alta (UT) is among my favorite places to ski. The old school ambience. The fantastic terrain. The lack of boarders. And the remarkable snow!!!! As of this writing (early in the week) the resort has captured more than 10′ of the natural stuff. More is predicted by the time you read this.


Indiana’s Perfect North: Earliest Opening in 40 Years

Perfect North Slopes, Indiana, opened Nov. 15, the earliest date in its 40 year history. Thanks to Cathy Meyer for letting us know! Other news from Perfect North Slopes: It is purchasing Timberline Four Seasons Resort in West Virginia.

Whiteface Lodge Burns

Whiteface’s Mid-Station Lodge was destroyed by fire last weekend. Staff there notified firefighters around 9PM Saturday. Area firefighters reached the structure via snowcat. No one was injured.

Skiing Idaho With The Grandkids?

The Idaho Peak Season Passport lets 5th and 6th graders ski or board 18 mountains for $18.  The program allows 5th graders to ride three days for free at each of the Gem State’s 18 ski resorts (Sun Valley and Grand Targhee, included) and offers 6th graders two days free at 17 areas. Unlike some other states with similar programs, Idaho makes the free skiing available to kids from any state or country.

Candide Thovex skis Great Wall of China

A current Land Rover commercial shows an SUV ascending an impossibly steep portion of China’s Great Wall. Now, Audi has released this short video of French skier, Candide Thovex skiing a snowless Great Wall.


  1. George Seeley says:

    I cannot believe they are NOT wearing helmets! Crazy!!

  2. Kelli Majiros says:

    LOVE that! Thanks for finding it and sharing!

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