Over the past few weeks, we’ve received numerous emails from ski industry and other leaders supporting Black Lives Matter. Mike and I want to add our voices to this and to other expressions of social justice.

Many of you will remember Bob Dylan’s 1964 song, “The Times They Are A Changin.” His anthem to social change and the consequences of ignoring it takes on new relevance during this time of social, environmental and economic uncertainty and disease.

Each of these issues is evident in skiing, boarding and other winter sports. There should be more people of color on the hill, but for many, the effects of historic social injustice have prevented their participation. 

We are constantly reminded of the unfair treatment of those whose skin color relegates them to economic and educational disadvantage and the lifelong consequences of those disadvantages.

The ski industry has acknowledged the need for change. For years, National Ski Areas Association has reached out to minorities in an attempt to attract them and add diversity to the sport.

It appears that decades after Dylan released “The Times They Are A Changin’,” things, finally, are changing.  It’s about time.

National Brotherhood of Skiers

The National Brotherhood of Skiers the group of African American skiers founded in 1972. Its history is fascinating, and its programs introducing black youth to the sport are encouraging. Learn more about NBS by clicking on the image above an watching a first-rate video produced by REI

95-Year-Old Heli-Skier Sets Guinness Record

World’s oldest heliskier Gordon Precious and grandson. Credit: CMH Heli-Skiing

Gordon Precious, 95, of Hamilton, Ontario, recently set a new Guinness World Record for oldest heli-skier. A lifelong skier, he achieved the record last year and shortly before his 95th birthday. The previous record was set by a 91-year-old. 

Liftopia Stiffs Ski Resorts

Liftopia, the biggest online lift ticket seller, owes more than $3MM in ticket sales to Alterra, Mountain Collective, Aspen and other resorts. Sources report Liftopia will seek bankruptcy protection.

Mountain Collective Lowers Price; Adds Resorts

Good News: Mountain Collective is giving 2019-20 passholders $50 off their 2020-2021 passes. And it has added these resorts: Sun Peaks Resort, BC; Grand Targhee, WY; Panorama, BC; Sugarloaf, ME, and Chamonix, France. There are now 23 top-raking destinations on the pass.

Less Than Good News: “No Questions Asked” refund deadline for purchasers is October 16, 2020; slightly early to know about the health of the ski season when COVID’s second wave may be reaching shore.

Portillo Postpones Opening “Indefinitely”


A letter this week from Ski Portillo states that the legendary Chilean resort will remain closed indefinitely because COVID-19 is at peak levels in Chile, quarantines, and travel restrictions.

Reliable Source of Reliable COVID Supplies

KN95 Mask                                                                  Type II Surgical Mask

I keep on hearing about people ordering face masks online and getting ripped off. An acquaintance thought she was purchasing COVID masks and was sent tiny, mouth-only coverings, unusable for COVID or any other protection. A recent column mentioned that Masterfit, ski boot footbed manufacturer and SeniorsSkiing.com advertiser, now sells high quality KN95 (comparable to the US’s N95) and Type II surgical face masks.

  • KN95 masks fit securely around the face and provide maximum fluid resistance and filtration efficiency. They’re good for those interacting closely and frequently with the public. 
  • FDA Certified Type II surgical masks are what many surgeons wear. They’re lightweight and provide excellent protection through the triple filtration face barrier. Type IIs comfortably wrap around nose, mouth and under the chin. While not designed to make an air-tight seal, it does provide significantly greater virus filtration protection than a simple dust, particle or homemade mask.

Masterfit also sells reusable face shields and an excellent COVID disinfectant spray. SeniorsSkiing.com subscribers enjoy a 10% discount on masks. Pre-discount prices : $35 per package of 10 KN95 masks and $39.50 per package of 50 Type II surgical masks. Click here to access Masterfit’s PPE products. For the discount, enter  FOMCOVID1910 at checkout.



  1. Herb Eschbach says:

    Never thought I would see this site delve into race issues, so I;m departing for other ski forums.

  2. Growing up in the New York metropolitan area and Long Island, it would be impossible for me to deny the existence of systemic racism. Heck, the next town over from where I grew up (Levittown) openly advertised the “lily white nature” of the development when it was built in the ’50’s and it is common knowledge that the developer of the Interboro Parkway (Robert Moses) purposely kept the bridges low so buses could not take inner city folks to Jones Beach. However, to change this will probably not be accomplished in my lifetime due to the complexity of the issues. So, I am glad to see you take a stand because Black Lives DO Matter and it’s a damn shame many people of color were deprived of participating in such healthy, wonderful sports such as skiing and snowboarding because of racism.

  3. Victor Polonski says:

    Too bad you have to politicize Skiing. Before you endorse a political group, you should read it’s agenda.

  4. Steve masse says:

    I am not black but all lives matter to me. I have listened to prominent black Americans state various opinions but one that hear the most is that having a two parent family to teach and raise their kids is VERY important! I personally see a lot of DIS respect of police and authority and that is never a good way to get ahead in life. “Yes Sir, no sir” are two very good ways to address any person of authority. And a two parent household is the common denominator of other minorities getting ahead.

  5. Cathy Meyer says:

    I am glad to see this issue addressed. I know Peggie Allen, one of the people in this film, and she is a gem. What a wonderful thing to welcome new people to the sport we all love and support kids learning how to ski! Snow may be white but not all skiers are. May our tribe increase.

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