My deadline for wishing people Happy New Year is getting shorter.

Boldog új évet is Happy New Year in Hungarian. Numerous postcard artists in the 1920s/30s incorporated kids on skis.

Centuries ago, when I worked in an office (remember when people worked in offices?), it seemed like New Year’s greetings extended through at least the first week of the year. You’d bump into a colleague and offer the obligatory phrase. Once, many weeks after the New Year, I said “Happy New Year” to a co-worker. That prompted a discussion about time-limited greetings.  We decided that, unlike birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and deaths, New Year’s greetings should be limited to a few days. That said, and the fact that this is reaching you about a week after this year’s not-so-sparkling event, let me bend that rule and wish you Many Happy and Healthy Turns in 2021!


“When” by John O’Donnell

Award-winning Irish poet John O’Donnell lives in Dublin. His work is widely published. His poem, When,  was published last week in The Irish Times. It’s a good read for this New Year.

And when this ends we will emerge, shyly
and then all at once, dazed, longhaired as we embrace
loved ones the shadow spared, and weep for those
it gathered in its shroud. A kind of rapture, this longed-for
laying on of hands, high cries as we nuzzle, leaning in
to kiss, and whisper that now things will be different,
although a time will come when we’ll forget
the curve’s approaching wave, the hiss and sigh
of ventilators, the crowded, makeshift morgues;
a time when we may even miss the old-world
arm’s-length courtesy, small kindnesses left on doorsteps,
the drifting, idle days, and nights when we flung open
all the windows to arias in the darkness, our voices
reaching out, holding each other till this passes.

Six Word Challenge Winners

Over the past month several readers submitted six words summarizing the current situation in their ski lives. Two winners were selected. Their entries are below. They’ll each receive The Bootster ski boot shoe horn. 

Boots in car. Pee In Woods

Norm Reynolds, Golden, Colorado

Mask, balaclava, gaiter, helmet, goggles. Breathe? 

Susan Zangrilli, Sandy, Utah

Thanks to all who sent in their creations!

Western Snow Magnets

Alyeska Resort  (AK): 336”. Stevens Pass (WA): 221”. Jackson Hole (WY): 212”.  Whistler Blackcomb (BC): 201″.

Austria Closes Schools and Stores; Not Ski Areas

Covid closures have affected virtually every aspect of public life for Austrians, except ski areas, which continue to function. News reports describe intense crowding in lift lines and elsewhere. Last season, Ischgl, near St. Anton, which attracts big numbers for it’s apres ski scene, was linked to the spread of the virus throughout Europe. Ski area operators lobbied hard for their facilities to remain open during lockdown. Swiss areas also remain open. However both countries have imposed quarantines for those crossing their borders, effectively making the hills off-limits to those living elsewhere.

Superyacht Heli-Skiing

La Datcha, the first ice-breaker superyacht, is available for heli-skiing adventures this season in Russia’s remote Kuril Islands and Kamchatka Peninsula. The cruise will focus on first descents. The 252’ superyacht carries a staff of 25, two helicopters in a below deck hangar, and a 3-person submersible. Cost for 7-days start about $1,225,000 for up to 12 guests and include heli-skiing, guides, equipment, meals, beer/wine, and use of the submersible. Website:

First Wood RFID Pass

Source: Skidata

SKIDATA, which produces tech associated with paperless lift tickets, has a new pass made of wood. It’s being used by Austria’s Kitzbühel Bergbahn.

14 Year Old Skiing Wunderkind

At 14, Jackson Hole‘s Kai Jones may be the youngest ski pro. When he was 11, his amazingly graceful form and derring-do helped him win the International Freeskiers Association’s North American championship for skiers younger than 12. The New York Times recently featured his skiing career: click here to read. Click on the video to see Kai in action. Wowee!!!!

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  1. Carol Finer says:

    Interesting coincidence: just this morning I read a long article a bout Kai Jones in The Denver Post. Not only is he an awesome freestyler, but he sounds like a great kid from a great family.

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