There’s a weird age game I often play with myself and others. Simply take your age and subtract it from the year you were born. In my case, born in 1943, it takes me to 1865. It’s a bit of a mind-bender, providing a different perspective on our number of years and, at least in my case, honing my awareness of where I am on the clock.

Most of us perceive ourselves to be 20 years younger than our chronologic age, a factor informing decisions influencing what we buy, where we travel, and how we live. The other day at Park City, I found myself on a steep, wildly bumpy slope. I worked my way down slowly and, with some exceptions, smoothly. During one of numerous catch-my-breath stops, four guys skied fast and straight through those mega-moguls. It was a demonstration of skill, nerve, and beauty. My knees hurt watching them. Even when I was a youngster, I never mastered bumps like they have. That, too, was a reminder of my limitations.

Mid-slope, I felt my age, maybe older. When I got toward the bottom, where the bumps and the pitch mellowed-out, the years peeled away. My body told me how I was feeling. It generally does. That subtract-your-age game may have placed me in the mid-1860s. When I skied through the mild moguls at the bottom of Double Jack, I was young again.

Skiing Responds to Russian Aggression

The International Olympic Committee recommended that all International Federations stop participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in their competitions. This was followed by the International Ski Federation (FIS) announcement discontinuing all events in Russia and banning Russian and Belarusian athletes from further events this season. Then, Russian and Belarusian athletes were banned from the Beijing Paralympics. Bukovel Ski Resort, in Southwestern Ukraine, is offering two free meals a day to people displaced by the war. Wyoming’s Sleeping Giant ski area pledged 100% of its Saturday, March 5 ticket sales to help Ukraine. Curiously, soon after making the announcement, the area’s site was hacked. Numerous areas around the country have removed Russian vodkas from their bars, and Beaver Creek took down a Russian flag from one of its base lodges.

Trapped in Swiss Covid Hell

Despite its reputation for fine hospitality, impeccable order and trains running on time, Switzerland’s inconsistent Covid policy wreaked havoc recently for a group of upstate New York senior skiers. While riding crowded telecabines at St Moritz, twelve of the group of 34 tested positive just hours before they were scheduled to return to the States. They quarantined for five days in their hotel rooms. But getting home became super-complicated because of inconsistent Covid policies between Swiss cantons, airlines, insurance companies, and the US-CDC. This caused additional extended delays for some of the travelers. Once resolved, a few of them, their car at Newark, landed at JFK. Skiing the Alps is a wonderful experience on many levels. But the hardships experience by this group older skiers is chilling. Thanks to SeniorsSkiing readers Harold Goldberg and Steve Cohen for sending these details.

Snowbird Surprise

Skiers in Snowbird’s Mineral Basin witnessed an unusual sight on Tuesday, February 22 (Tue 2/22/22): two Utah National Guard Blackhawk helicopters collided and crashed. No injuries reported.

And More News from the Bird

New tram cars will have outdoor balconies for Summer rides

The resort’s two tram cars will be replaced this Spring with sleek new ones featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and a rooftop balcony for summertime outdoor rides. The original cars have been in continuous use since the tram was opened a half-century ago. In the interim, they’ve travelled almost 800,000 miles; the equivalent going to the moon and back one and one-half times.

PCMR Unmasked

Am I the only one who sees the word “ass” in Park City’s logo?

Earlier in the week, Park City Mountain Resort dropped mask requirements in gondolas and indoor spaces. The announcement said “guest proof of vaccination is still required for cafeteria-style dining establishments.” All well and good, except, in my experience, for the past few months, no one monitored mask-wearing in the resort’s gondolas and last Saturday, no one was checking proof of vaccination or anything Covid-related in the area’s Summit Lodge.

Arapahoe Basin at 75 Years

A-Basin then.
A-Basin today.

A-Basin will celebrate its 75th the weekend of April 1-3 with a series of events including a 1940s themed dinner, retro events and retro costumes, a scavenger hunt, parties, live music, birthday cakes, etc. Sounds like a lot of fun. If you plan on attending, purchase lift tickets in advance online. They won’t be available on site.

Mama and Her Cubs

This Bear family recently stopped traffic on a road in New England. If you’re a parent, you’ll relate.


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  1. Hilarious! Sort of an ursine version of herding cats!

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