A few bizarre developments from ski country:

Source: American Museum of Natural History

Did you see the recent article about the frozen fish blizzard in the Altai Mountain region of China? It’s the same region where for thousands of years, indigenous people have been navigating winter on homemade skis. Apparently, a tornado-like waterspout touched down in Kanas Lake, picked up a large school of 5” – 7” fish and deposited them across several small villages in the region.

A naturally occurring avalanche in a remote section of the Dolomite region of Italy, uncovered the remains of a German bi-plane that crashed there during World War I. Inside was the preserved body of the pilot, as well as a partially eaten loaf of bread and an unopened bottle of beer.

Park City chiropractor, Ben Dover, was repairing a plumbing leak in the basement of his 100+ year old home when he noticed cool air blowing through the wood paneled wall. Curious, he carefully removed a few boards and found the entrance to an old mine. Flashlight in hand, he walked into the space where he saw something hanging on a wall. It was a calendar from 1909 with a date circled in red: April 1!

Happy April Fools Day!!!

It’s part of the human condition that, regardless of our age, every one of us has an unknown expiration date. I believe we should be aware of the news of the day and have empathy for those who suffer. Among the ways we can help is through volunteering and financial and other forms of support. We can also make an extra effort to be kind to ourselves and to each other. Next time you’re being jostled in lift line or cut off before you pull into that ideal parking space, give the other person a smile. When you get to the chair, thank the liftee. On the trail, do what you can to avoid a collision. There’s a lot wrong with the world of skiing: the crowds, reckless people, etc., etc. But there’s a lot right with it, too. Otherwise we wouldn’t go to the effort.

Spring has arrived. Delicious warm days await us on the hill. Soon we’ll be hanging up our boards and thinking about next season.

Enjoy April Fools Day. Enjoy the pond skim. Enjoy the live band and the cold beer. Enoy it all. It’s skiing.

Fashion Statement?

Tommy Hilfinger’s ski-in/ski-out home sold for a $19 million profit after three months of ownership.

Fashion Designer/manufacturer, Tommy Hilfiger, sold his Aspen ski in/ski out home last week for $50 million. He purchased in in December for $31 million. Yes, you read that correctly. He made a $19 million profit in three months…reflecting the current hot mountain town real estate market.

The Future of XC Skiing

If you’re associated with a XC ski club or facility, be sure to set aside time April 5 and 6 to attend (by Zoom) the Cross Country Ski Areas Association 2022 Spring Conference. Topics will cover current trends and events impacting the XC industry and maintaining growth and optimizing the guest experience. Cost:$45; https://ccsaa.org/annual-conference-2021/.

OR Returns to Salt Lake City

Five years ago, the twice-yearly Outdoor Retailer trade show decamped from Salt Lake City to Denver. Among the numerous reasons for the move was the State of Utah’s resistance to protecting its wilderness lands from development by extraction industries and from continued illegal use by ATVs and other motorized vehicles. Given that the outdoor recreational industry is based, in large part, on use of public lands, numerous big brands threatened to withdraw from the trade show if it continued in the state. Now, with support from the mayor of Salt Lake City, the twice-annual show will return to its roots. The past five years has seen unprecedented growth in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. The new international airport, a $5.5 billion investment, is the first major hub airport replacement built in the 21st century.

Telltale Signs of Stroke

This valuable information arrived in my inbox along with the story of a woman who died after the signs of her stroke went undetected. If treated within three hours of onset, chance of recovery is increased. To determine if someone is experiencing a stroke ask the person to 1) smile; 2) talk and speak a simple sentence; 3) raise both arms. If there is difficulty performing any of these, immediately call 911 and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher. An additional sign of stroke: Ask the person to stick out the tongue. If it goes to one side or the other, the person may have had a stroke.

Ski Mo

Lauren (l), Tom, and Liz costumed-up for the last Park City SkiMo event of the season.

If you’re not already familiar with this soon-to-be Olympic event, chances are, you soon will be. SkiMo (short for Ski Mountaineering) is a competitive event in which participants race up the hill on skins and/or carrying their boards, then clicking in and skiing down. It has many variations, including the one I witnessed one evening last week at Olympic Park in Park City. There, participants tried to make as many laps of the 300′ vertical as they could in an hour. One person clocked six or seven laps.

Remembering “Super Skier”

Remember the song, Super Skier, from the Chad Mitchell Trio? Released in 1963, it tells the amusing tale of of a guy  whose sense of his skiing self far exceeds his skiing skills. Click on the above image and listen with fresh ears.

Important Notice

The annual fundraiser is over. Again, I want to thank all who provided support for the site. Your gifts help defray the cost of publication. The majority of posters, stickers and thank you notes have been mailed, but I’m a few weeks behind completing the chore. Too many doctors visits and our move to a new (for us) home have complicated matters. Also, several mailings to reader-provided addresses were returned. Thanks for your patience. 


  1. Mark Zmich Morrisville Vt says:

    JW, THE STORM SKIING JOURNAL 4/1/ 22 is reporting DEER VALLEY will be EPIC next season. I look forward to reading your thoughts. Hoping all is well with the family.

  2. Mark Zmich says:

    JW, I have been taken in by a work of satire 4/1. Safe to say the joke is on me. MZ

  3. Patti+Farkas says:

    Love the ädaptation”, and try not to think of the many skiers I have seen doing just that! (Don’t know why my computer sometimes substitutes an umlaut for a quotation mark!) Hope you all have a good off season, and look forward to skiing next year on another new hip!!

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