The cherry blossoms and pine boughs are waving and the view across the Salt Lake Valley is more obscured every time I look out the window. Last week, people were walking their dogs in T-shirts and shorts (the people, not the dogs), and I made it up to Alta for several end-of-season runs. The North-facing trails didn’t soften-up until early afternoon. East-facing was the best choice for the morning.

It’s Springtime in the Rockies; a time when unpredictable weather is fully predictable. We used to be able to rely on really big dumps during the first two weeks of April. One is predicted for this week, but I have too many other things on the plate to get up there and enjoy it.

This was my 67th season. Would have been my 68th consecutive, had I not spent most of last season hospitalized. Even with that setback, I’ll take the 67.

When I was leaving Alta last week, I ran into a couple from Anchorage. He showed me the pint-sized skis they were using. His sweetheart, Dr. Anna Altair (Her business card reads: “Somewhat Retired Chiropractor”) started skiing five years ago, at age 70. I thought that was courageous and impressive; even more so when learning of her years-long recovery from spinal injury.

Also courageous and impressive: Tyson Rettie the (almost) blind 30-year old heli-ski guide who started the non-profit Braille Mountain Initiative to give blind and other visually-impaired people the opportunity to get involved in back country mountain sports. According to an article on, six blind skiers are signed up this month for the group’s inaugural trip.

We’re all entitled to our respective aches and pains, but I rarely hear senior skiers complaining.

As we enter the off-season, stay active, exercise, keep moving. 2022-23 is waiting around the corner. Let’s be ready and get the most from it.

The Stats

With this issue, the final of 2021-22, has published for eight seasons. This one alone, we published 14 issues containing 138 articles and videos by 24 contributors. Since the first issue in 2014, we published 1,732 items, all accessible anytime you want. Currently there are 16,893 subscribers. Most of you are in the US. Next is Canada, the EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, and other places across the globe. I want to thank all authors and producers for their interesting content, all advertisers, those subscribers who so generously made contributions during our recent fund-raiser, and all subscribers for your ongoing interest and support. Special thanks go to Scott Aucutt of Aucutt Design for his technical, design, and back-office magic.

Season Pass Season

Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably received numerous end-of-season offers for Epic and Ikon passes. Depending on where you live and where you ski, several lower-priced alternatives are available. Stuart Winchester of The Storm Skiing Journal lists 11 of them. I haven’t done a deep dive to determine which have favorable senior pricing, but reader and friend Howie Vipler emailed about Loveland’s senior season pass. It’s $139 if you are 70 and includes unlimited skiing at Loveland plus three days of skiing at each of 32 other areas in the Western US, Canada and Japan. Access The Storm Skiing Journal’s list by clicking here.

Final Tram

Snowbird’s 50-year-old tram cars took their last trip August 5. Junior Bounous, 96, and former director of the Bird’s ski school, was among the passengers. This brief video shows Junior (yellow helmet) getting aboard and skiing down. The tram cars are being replaced with new cars that will have a roof deck for Summer passengers.

Albion and Sunnyside Chairs Retire

Source: LiftBlog

Alta’s venerable Albion chair carried skiers for the last time this week. Having run for 60 years, it qualifies as a “Senior Skier.” It and the Sunnyside chair will be replaced during the coming months with a high-speed six.

Attitash Chair Auction

One-hundred-forty-five original chairs from the area’s East/West Double are being auctioned online April 15-16. Proceeds will benefit three non-profits. Visit the auction site for more info.


Credit: Jon Weisberg

My apologies to the lovely Texan ladies who posed for this picture January 22 at The Canyons (Park City Mountain Resort).  Couldn’t let the season run out without sharing this colorful image with the rest of the community. BTW, all are 50+!

The Ultimate Run

Many readers know I’m not a big fan of most promotional ski videos…too many unrealistic flips, hucks and turns against a bed of rap music, etc. But The Ultimate Run starring Italian freestyler, Markus Eder is a cut above. Don’t miss the subtle James Bond visual and musical references. Click on the picture to screen.


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