Dedicate your next day on the hill to someone or something. That’s what I’ve decided to do. Recently I’ve been dedicating each ski day to my brother Paul. If he makes it to February 20, he’ll be 82. Never spent a day on skis in his entire life, but throughout his atypical lifetime, he always cut his own trail. From time to time, I’ve dedicated my ski day to ideas like a better environment; my lift chat, that day, generally reflects it. A few weeks ago, I dedicated the day to trees and sought out openings where I could look up and marvel at how they frame the sky. I don’t go out that much when it’s snowing, but the next time I do that will be my focus. I’ve always loved skiing in a good storm, my face cold and my body warm, following the tree line for visibility and occasionally dropping into the forest to watch flakes settle through its majesty. Most of all, I find myself dedicating the day to health and to life, often stopping in some beautiful spot and giving thanks for being able to enjoy something that most people on Earth will never experience. As we get older, it’s natural to appreciate more richly the people we love and the things we’re still able to do. Consciously dedicating my day to one of these—or other things—has enriched my experience. If you already do it or decide to give it a try, post a comment to let our growing SeniorsSkiing.com community know.


According to CBC, a northern Ontario man captured amazing photos of a weather phenomenon called “light pillars,” which appear when light bounces off ice crystals floating close to the ground. In this case business and streetlights were the source. See the photos here.


On March 11, Okemo Mountain Resort will be the venue for Sugar Daze, a live outdoor concert featuring two-time Grammy and World Music Award nominee, DJ Paul Oakenfold, and the popular reggae/fusion band, MAGIC! The free concert will be presented by Volvo. Festivities start mid-afternoon.


Zipfit is a replacement liner that can transform existing, uncomfortable shells into high functioning, comfortable boots. The product utilizes a unique cork formula — not foam — for fill. People who use Zipfits love the product. They’re available at selected ski shops.

CompanionAnmals.org is rich with information about why dogs and cats can be beneficial to health as we age. Just 15 minutes bonding with an animal sets off positive chemical chain reactions in the brain that result in lower heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. Longer term, pet/human interactions can lower cholesterol levels, fight depression and may help protect against heart disease and stroke.




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