Mike and I want to report on our progress and thank readers, editorial contributors, advertisers, and online collaborators for your support. We also want to ask for a favor.

SeniorsSkiing.com is starting the fourth year of publication. We went online in April 2014.

During that time we’ve grown from a handful of page views each month to almost 35,000 during the height of the season. Since November, more than 200,000 people visited the magazine. Most spent a few minutes per visit. The number of new subscribers since last April has grown 72%.

Our mission is to serve and represent the interests of the 50+ snow sports enthusiast. In keeping with that goal, we’re more tortoise than hare. Slow, steady, and highly mission-focused.

The community formed around SeniorsSkiing.com is interested and engaged. We know that because of your unusually robust responses to reader surveys. Twenty-seven percent of you responded to the most recent, an unusually high amount for any website or online magazine.

At this time, the modest revenue we receive from advertisers lets us pay for a variety of web services, graphics, and other projects.

There’s one advertiser in particular we’d like to attract. It is KneeBinding, which presents itself as “The only binding proven to help protect your knees on skis.” Our readers, older skiers, are an important part of KneeBinding’s target audience, and we believe that the company will make a good investment by advertising with us. The company head tells us he agrees, but he’s not convinced advertising in a non-print publication will help his sales.

The favor we’re asking is for you to help us convince him to advertise and to provide information about protecting senior skiers from future ski injuries. Please leave a reply (below) expressing your interest in having KneeBinding as an advertiser and a source of information about avoiding accidents related to falls. We’ll forward them to the company.

Thank you!


The 2017-18 Tahoe Super Pass is now on sale starting at $499, with free spring skiing starting April 1 at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. Record snowfall means Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows will be open into June and on July 4.


Big Sky Resort named Bob Stinchcomb vice president of business development. He has 20 years ski industry experience, mostly at Vail Resorts.


Snowbasin Resort is offering free skiing and snowboarding through the remainder of the season with the purchase of any 2017-2018 season pass. Seniors (ages 65-74) pay $499. A separate Super Seniors (75+) pass with reduced benefits is $49! Purchase at www.snowbasin.com.


This short Teton Gravity Research video from Jones Snowboards shows Freeride World Tour champion Sammy Luebke doing remarkable things on impossibly steep cliff-covered verticals. Enjoy!


This has nothing to do with snow sports. It’s a website that shows how stuff — usually big stuff like bleachers, telephone poles, industrial equipment — gets recycled into other stuff and for other purposes. It’s interesting. Repurposed Materials


  1. My ski buddy uses Knee Bindings and swears by them. I’d like to learn more and on SeniorSkiing.

  2. Cheryl Hoffman says:

    I would be very interested in having knee binding as an advertiser on senior skiing. I tore my acl when I was younger and try to b careful of my knees which have arthritis now as we don’t heal as fast now as when we were younger. I have read about your product and would love to learn more. I ski at Park City now.

  3. Donna Lockridge says:

    I’m in for kneebinding to advertise. Anything to help us ski longer and injure less. I’m a true blue skier all over clorado

  4. Ann McGuire says:

    To KneeBinding,
    Please advertise on seniorskiing. It’ll get the word out about your solution to your target market.
    I teach skiing to adults (22-80 years so far) in Minnesota. Their #1 concern is injuries.
    They notice the equipment instructors use and ask about strategies to avoid injuries.
    I only first heard about KneeBinding this season and would like to know more.
    Thank you,

  5. Yes, I would be interested

  6. Mike Bertelsen says:

    As a 56-year old facing knee replacement surgery, information about KneeBinding would be very interesting.


  7. Steve Boyer says:

    At age 69, after 3 surgeries on the left knee and arthritis in the right, I’d certainly be interested in KneeBunding’s info. Skied 28 days last season and 29 and counting this one, and looking forward to more in the future.

  8. Brad Huggins says:

    Just had a total knee replacement and the other is due in the next year or two. Plan to keep skiing as long as I can. Would love to know more about Knee binding with their affiliation with

  9. Just got done playing in the terrain park with my kids (yes old farts like to play to) and my knees are killing me, I have never seen this product, sound interesting ?

  10. RIchard Kunz says:

    Knee bindings are mounted on 3 pair of my ski’s. Two are the “Carbon” model, and the “Shadow” model on one. They work as advertised-lateral release at the heel. This week they worked for me as I crashed during a transition at the edge of a groomer to 6 inches of fresh powder. I have skied 41 days so far this season. I am 69 years old. Knee works for me, I’ll never use another binding. They are a USA company, no less!

  11. Jane Bonner says:

    Just had ACL replacement at over 70. Am very interested in knowing more about Knee Binding. I plan on returning to the slopes.

  12. Would love more info on safeguarding my achy knees

  13. Mitzie Zdravje says:

    I had to have my ACL reconstructed after a spill in Jackson Hole about 5 years ago……..the type of fall I had was very likely a binding issue….so, you bet I am interested in anything that could help fine tune binding safety for seniors!

  14. John Pakulis says:

    Hi KneeBinding,

    I’m 62 years old and plan on skiing for at least another 20+ years. I don’t read print ski media anymore, only online ski resources. Educate me about your product here, online.

  15. Cheryl Brown says:

    Help keep the senior skiers on the slopes. Many of us have prior injuries that impact aging knees. Would love to learn more about this product.

  16. Mike Board says:

    I am a 65 year old telemark skier. I have always used knee braces for safety and support when skiing. In fact I just upgraded this season. Always interested in new products. Would love to learn about Knee Binding.

  17. Theresa Northcutt says:

    I am interested in kneebindings for my next pair of skis.

  18. Kathy Molnar Simpson says:

    Please do add Knee Binding to your advertisers! I’d love to find out more about this product and would be interested in purchasing if it is right for me!

  19. David Miedema says:

    I plan to buy some new skis next season. From preliminary shopping and demoing, I know of one ski shop in the Denver area that carries them, and they have good things to report. However, more publicity may help the other shops to also carry them. I’m now 75 and still love skiing.

  20. I am very interested in having KneeBinding as an advertiser on the site.

  21. Art Holden says:

    I have been following reports on Kneebindings for some time and suggest that if we seniors are really your target then you should be advertising with

    Art Holden,Canada.

  22. Victor Polonski says:

    I will definitely consider KneeBinding for my next ski purchase. I look forward to seeing their advertising in Senior Skiing.

  23. Marcy Cassady says:

    I’ve had two surgeries on my left knee and have been told I need two knee replacements, however my goal is to avoid this indefinitely. My instructors at one mountain are now required to use kneebindings and I’d like to learn more about them. I’m also a member of the 20 club Crescent Ski Council where the majority of the members have goals similar to mine. Advertising with both SeniorsSkiing.com and the Crescent Ski Council would be mutually beneficial, particularly if you include educational details!

  24. Brenda Revard says:

    My husband and I are in our 50s and plan to retire near enough a ski area that we can enjoy the slopes on a weekly basis. We live in Kansas now, but up until 8 years ago we lived in the NW enjoying the snow in WA and ID where our children learned to ski. We would love to ski with our future grand children some day.

    Until we retire we must be content with ski vacations once or twice per year. We are both in the market for new gear. We have never heard of KneeBindings. Please advertise on SeniorsSkiing so we can learn more!

  25. Please advertise KneeBindings on SeniorsSkiing. My ski season ended in January when I sprained my MCL. (Binding did not release.) I’m still wearing a brace. I’m looking forward to next season with trepidation. Your product may bring back my confidence.

  26. Please advertise KneeBindings on SeniorSkiing. Your product sounds very interesting.

  27. Egan McGlynn says:

    I’m interested in knee binding. I ride a skki trikke having had both hips replaced. I use knee wraps now that aren’t the best .. what can knee binding provide to extend my riding .. ? Carvers want to know !

  28. I would be interested in learning about the KneeBindings.

  29. I’m going to be buying new equipment for next season. A little advertising would make it more likely I’ll take a hard look at KneeBindings.

  30. Jane Bonner says:

    Just had ACL replacement at 72, but will ski and skate again. Obviously I need to know about KneeBindings. Pls do advertise here!!

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