It may be the end of the season, but now is when next year’s equipment is evaluated.

Bootfitters from around the nation converged this week on Mt Bachelor to test next season’s crop of boots. MasterFit organizes the unique annual event, and in the past, the knowledge gathered there was the basis of the annual boot review features in Ski and (now-defunct) Skiing. Ski no longer will run the MasterFit reviews, which makes me think that however they choose to cover boots, future coverage will have less validity than in the past. The results of this year’s test will be available this Fall on the America’s Best Bootfitters site. Responses to our most recent reader survey show that about twenty-four percent of readers plan to purchase new boots for next season. Foot discomfort is one of the most frequent complaints from older skiers. If you’re planning new boots, check the test results. We’ll let you know when available. At the very least, you’ll become a more informed consumer.


Military to the Mountains pushes injured veterans out of their comfort zones and into the mountains. Earlier this month, following nine weeks of training, more than 20 veterans skied at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. They were instructed by the Achieve Tahoe adaptive ski program. For a donation of $25, the resort provides a Silver Tahoe Super Pass to active military personnel, a note of appreciation and a challenge coin. In 2016 Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows contributed over $150,000 to the program.


Several readers commented on the last week’s reference to skiing Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mt Washington. For those who haven’t been there, this short video will get you acquainted.


This summer Alta Ski Area will replace the Supreme and Cecret double chairs with a single high-speed quad. The new lift will be operational in time for next season, Alta’s 80th.


Patagonia has an up to 50% off sale on last season’s merch. My experience is that this brand’s goods withstand a lot of use and abuse. My shirt purchased at their Salt Lake City outlet store in the mid-80s still looks great.

RepurposedMaterials has a supply of safety netting from the FIS World Cup Ski circuit. Changed specifs left Beaver Creekwith 15,000′ of obsolete netting. Orange rolls are 12′ wide; pink rolls are 6′ wide. Netting has 3″ squares. The site shows it being used as horse feeders, for batting cages, etc.

Looking for ski and board stuff storage ideas? This Pinterest link is worth a thousand words.

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