We spent last weekend with the kids.

Not our own children who live far away or are busy with their own spawn. These are a group of younger friends, ranging from early 30s to late 50s. They’re all single. They enjoy hiking, making food, talking about ideas. It was tiring and terrific. We walked them to the rock art down the road and showed them how to look for stone tools and points in our desert landscape. Conversation went to all the places people tell you not to go: politics and religion among them. It also took us to music and art. We sat around the fire pit underneath what Bob Dylan, in “Mister Tambourine Man,” termed “a diamond sky.” Everyone participated in the kitchen and cleaning up. Age differences were more apparent when discussing past political and cultural events. But what we had in common — an openness to each other’s experiences and ideas — bridged those gaps. A business acquaintance used to advise taking younger colleagues to lunch and asking what mattered to them, what they’re reading and what ideas they’re following. I had several relationships like that when I was younger. It helped me get a broader sense of what was going on. Throughout the ski season, I’ve used brief chairlift conversations toward the same end. A few days with younger people who aren’t part of the family is a terrific way to refresh knowledge and spirit. It’s also a bit exhausting…but well worth the effort.


KILLINGTON has 17 acres open. Senior (65-79) tickets are $55. They plan to be open until the snow melts.

PARLOR is a New England custom ski maker. Working with Vermont-based American Museum of Fly Fishing, Parlor has developed a spectacular looking limited edition ski featuring art by Nick Mayer. The skis are $1000 and for each pair sold, Parlor donates $150 t0 AMFF. Thanks to contributor Jan Brunvand for calling this to our attention


Wigwam, the venerable sock manufacturer, recyles about 2000 lbs of socks each month and will make them available to people in need. It’s all part of the company’s goal of becoming a zero landfill company. Wigwam also plans to work with Martex Fiber to recycle discarded yarn and eliminate textile waste.


Emerald Expositions, producer of the semi-annual Outdoor Retailer show, has acquired the SnowSports Industries America (SIA) Snow Show. Outdoor Retailer will merge the Snow Show into its January event, making it the largest outdoor and snowsports industry gathering in North America. The first combined show will occur in January, 2018.

SPOT is a small satellite connection device that signals home and/or search and rescue when users are stranded or lost. As of April SPOT products had initiated 5000 rescues worldwide. I had difficulty getting over some tech issues to make it work. But I’m confident that the more thechnologically adept can figure it out. The device works virtually anywhere. The company has a 50% off sale: www.FindMeSPOT.com/SafeSummer

Our supply of  current SeniorsSkiing.com stickers is dwindling. If you’d like some for your skis, helmet, locker, car,friends, or just to enjoy the pleasure of a good looking graphic, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to SeniorsSkiing.com, Box 416, Hamilton, MA. 01936. Over the past few weeks, requests have come from as far away as Australia.


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