There’s something odd about sitting in the shade in high desert, sun beating in the mid 80s and my laptop pinging with ski-related emails.

George Jedenoff at Snowbird.

Ski Utah’s alert is about George Jedenoff, who, as reported in last week’s Short Swings!, plans to spend his 100th birthday next week taking a few runs at the top of Snowbird. A quick search of “centennarian skiers” produced Lou Batori, 106 who skis at Crystal Mountain in Michigan. He is reported to have skied every winter since 1920. Keizo Miura, the Japanese ski instructor skied at Snowbird on his 100th. He lived to 101. Others took to the slopes for their 100th celebrations as well. May we all enjoy our days doing what we love.

The resorts, naturally, have been emailing about their summer offerings. Regardless of where they’re located activities are bundled into music of every genre, mountain biking, zip lining, and other high thrill adventures, and food/wine/beer events.

And Patagonia, that wonderful purveyor of terrific products and sustainable ideas, has been encouraging its customers to speak out in defense of public lands. The company reminds us that the comment period for all monuments is open until July 9. A portion of the Patagonia site lists all threatened national monuments, including four in Arizona, seven in California, two each in Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah, and one each in Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Oregon and Washington.


For a quick snow report of Southern Hemisphere resorts — whether you’re planning to go or just living vicariously — visit On The Snow.


Some people simply can’t resist a questionable idea. Hence the advent of skier tattoos. These examples are quite amazing, especially #s 10 and 22.


I spent a week there in the late 70s. It was fantastic. One memorable day I joined a small group and a guide for a short fixed wing flight to the top of a glacier. We spent most of the day skiing down. Our last stop was in a small village where we had lunch before taking a train back to the resort. Fall Line Magazine in the UK recently published this graphic showing how Verbier has grown since 1935.


From the AARP.  Your thoughts?


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