The Excuse I Hear Most Often From Seniors Who Stopped Skiing Is That Their Knees Are Bad.

I can emphasize. At 74, I feel the occasional twinge forecasting a time when something medical is in my future. I know I’m not alone.

Which brings me to the Ski-mojo ad on the homepage. It’s a British product for skiers with weak or bad knees. It also works for skiers without knee problems (I’ve been told there are some), by giving a power boost that helps them ski stronger and longer.

Full disclosure: I have not tried Ski-mojo, but I have spoken with skiers who have. They rave about it. Last year, I watched a skier get fitted for the device. It’s light and slim, and it fits easily underneath ski pants. Once on, the skier flicks a switch to activate or deactivate the springs.

In the US, Ski-mojo is endorsed by PSIA. In the UK it’s endorsed by BASI (British Association of Snowsports Instructors). The product can be ordered at and shipped virtually anywhere.

I prefer to be proactive about being able to continue to participate in the sport I love. If the twinge in my knees worsens, I’ll be ordering Ski-mojo. I want to stay in the game as long as I can.

January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month

Almost 70 U.S. areas are offering great deals on beginner packages for new skiers and boarders. Packages typically include lesson, lift ticket and rental gear. Depending on location, deals range from a single lesson to up to four. To learn about offerings in your area visit the Ski and Snowboard Month website.


Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is now an Official Training Site of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team. Other sites are Mammoth Mountain, Deer Valley, Copper Mountain, and Timberline Lodge. Official Training Sites host U.S. team athletes for elite training sessions.


Stoneham Mountain Resort dedicated its new Éclipse quad on December 23. The fixed grip quad replaces a double chair and T-Bar. Skiers use a conveyor belt to load the new lift. It has a capacity of 1900 skiers per hour and takes 8 1/2 minutes to reach the top.


Deer Valley hosts the world’s best aerial and mogul skiers during the 2018 Visa Freestyle International FIS World Cup, Wednesday, January 10 through Friday, January 12. DV has played host to international and world competitions for 20 consecutive years, including the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, two World Championships and 16 World Cups. If you’re in the vicinity, this is one exciting event to behold!

Powder Mountain Resort opened for the season on December 24. The resort has 8,464 acres. Powder now limits day pass sales to 1500.

Snowbasin opened its new Wildcat Express high-speed six-pack. It replaces a triple. The name “Wildcat” has been used for Snowbasin lifts serving the same part of the mountain since 1946, when it started as a single chair.

Soldier Hollow has Biathlon training for groups. Professional staff does the training and participants engage in a mini competition at the 2002 Olympic Range. Reservations required.

Solitude BrewSki Mountain Lager is a new German-style Pilsner created for Solitude Mountain Resort by Utah-based Bohemian Brewery.


Vermont has 20 alpine resorts and 30 cross country centers. Ski Vermont is promoting an End-to-End Tour this season. Participants who visit different resorts each week and submit photos will be eligible to win tickets and prizes.

Molly Mahar is the new President of non-profit Vermont Ski Areas Association. She joins from Loon Mountain Resort where she was VP Marketing/Sales. Previously she held similar positions at Sugarbush and Bolton Valley.


Black Diamond has a new short promotional video about backcountry skiing. Even if you stay in or around the resort, it’s well worth watching.

Liftopia announced its 2017-18 Best in Snow Awards. The results will surprise some. For all winners and how they were selected visit – /

The Mountain Collective pass is back on sale for $519. With it you get 32 days at 16 iconic resorts. For more visit


  1. Neoprene knee supports,bought at the local drug store,keep my knees nice and warm. The offer real support, but warm and the protected feel works for 70 + me.

  2. Jack Murray says:

    I’ve had my left knee replaced 3 times. My ortho gave me a neoprene brace with metal stabilizing bars which give me the support I need. They cost about $150.

  3. When I was about 45 I thought I was going to need knee surgery. One day I was getting coffee and eggs and a fellow came in asking for decaf coffee. The owner said he had none made but could have a caffeinated one while he waited. He said oh no, that bothered his knees. My head spin towards him and asked how that worked. He said a bunch of things but what stuck was caffeine attacked the ligaments and cartaledge in the joints. I drank decaf for about a week and a half and the pains went away. In the summer the pains started to come back. I wasn’t thinking about the caffeine in sodas? When I realized what I was doing went to non caffeinated drinks and again the pains went away. I have skied bumps, bicycled, rollerblade and much more since with relatively no pain. Try it, you’ll like it.

  4. Alice Gheorghiu says:

    Going back to ski after trying snowboarding for a few years. Pushing on flat terrain hurt my right hip and right knee mainly. I think caffeine may have an effect on knees. I dropped caffeine also. Only decaf tea. Noticed the knee pain is gone. I usually bike to work but took a long break with the holidays and some flu I had. Look forward to my upcoming vacation in Mammoth, the week after this one.

  5. Montelone Tom says:

    I’m 78 and, like Sam Goetz, have been using over the counter neoprene wraps to keep my knees warm while skiing. That and two acetaminophen before skiing works very well for me. I’m aiming for 89.

  6. Patrick Purcell says:

    Do knee strengthening exercises such as one knee slight knee bends as you balance and wriggle your knee it does wonders to strengthen the muscles. Lie on your back have foot rotated out to 45 degrees and with a towel support under your knee squeeze and tighten knee reps of 10 count to 3 then release.

  7. Denver Miller says:

    I have seen one individual on Powder Mountain using a similar or same device. He really liked it.
    My personal knee support device is my monoski. Both legs together, sharing the load and absorbing the bumps. Floats the pow.

  8. Rich babbitt says:

    The main issue I’ve noticed for decades is the skiing population in general still think there teenagers and can’t get out of the back seat.They have no idea what it feels like to touch the Tongue of there boot with there shin.

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