I’m in the desert with my skis. There’s snow in the higher elevations but the nearest lifts are a few hundred miles away.

It’s nice to be enjoying a respite from winter. But I feel like a city dweller, removed from my favorite pastime. It’s not permanent. I have the good fortune of being able to get in the car and drive to a mountain. One ski friend just had shoulder surgery. Another is recovering from a spine operation. A few have new hips or knees. They’ve been sidelined for the season. Mine is self-imposed R&R. Resting for a few weeks before returning for a few final days on the hill. I need the hill. I need the snow. I yearn to be back on skis.

Discounts For Subscribers

Ear buds are difficult for me. I feel like using Crazy Glue or nails to get them to stay in my ears. Conventional headphones work but can be bulky; they tend to block out other sounds. Aftershokz headphones use bone conduction to deliver sound to the inner ear. Instead of covering your ears, AfterShokz rest against the bone in front of your ears. They deliver superb sound, but they don’t interfer with other sounds around you, like that snowboarder coming in fast or the the approaching car when you’re road biking. The company is selling them to SeniorsSkiing.com subscribers for 15% less than they can be purchased elsewhere. The wireless version costs as little as $110; wired as little as $42.00. Visit the Discounts for Seniors page and click on the Aftershokz ad.

Late Snow

Don’t give up on the season quite yet. Late March and early April generally produce excellent snowfall. I just visited SnowForecast.com, a site reporting on snowfall around the globe. Each area receiving snow in the past seven days is represented with a red dot. The U.S. map looks like it has measles!


Alpskitour is our newest advertiser. The Italian company organizes 5-day ski tours limited to groups of seven, each accompanied by a professional guide/instructor who knows the best routes and dining locations. General areas covered include Aosta Valley, Breuil-Cervinia, Zermatt, Cormayeur Mt Blanc, and Pila. Unless requested otherwise, the terrain explored is intermediate to advanced. My wife and I plan to try it out next March. If interested in joining us, please drop me a line: [email protected].


News from the resorts is slowing down. Most of the announcement have to do with season pass offerings, new snow, and the occasional fund raiser. This week, the most interesting items are from Colorado and Killington.

On March 19, Colorado Ski Country USA reported that resorts across the state received up to a foot of overnight snow, the first wave of several expected by month’s end. Telluride led the state with 12″, Winter Park got 10″, Steamboat and Powderhorn got 9″. The least amount was 6″ at Eldora.

Killington‘s year round season pass, with access to everything at any time, is available to 65+ for $79 a month ($948 for the year) until June 14. The Unlimited Season Pass is on sale through June 14 for $629 (65 – 79). The Mid-Week (M-F) pass (all ages) is $519. 80+ skiers pay a nominal processing fee for free season passes.

If you, your ski area, ski club, or others have information to be shared with the SeniorsSkiing.com community, please email  [email protected].

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