Finding Meaning and Happiness in Old Age” is the title of Jane Brody’s March 19 Personal Health column in The New York Times. The article is about developing a healthy perspective on the aging process.

It gathers information from two recent volumes on aging. She describes them as “inspired and inspiring.” One is The End of Old Age; the other, Happiness is a Choice You Make. Brody writes, “After reading the books, I have a new way of looking at myself: as a “good-enough” aging adult who continues to pursue and enjoy a variety of activities commensurate with the limitations imposed by inevitable changes in body and mind that accrue with advancing years.” One of the authors writes about the late concert pianist Arthur Rubinstein. He “…dealt with age-induced declines in his skills by selecting a more limited repertoire, optimizing his performance through extra practice, and compensating by altering his tempo during certain sections to highlight the dynamics of a piece.” Are there lessons here for senior skiers? Readers who follow Short Swings! know that I advocate slowing down and adjusting technique so we ski as we currently are, not as we were when we were younger. I take my time getting down the hill. Lodge breaks are a bit longer. Reaching a certain amount of vertical is no longer a priority. Staying on the hill for more years and enjoying the experience are what matter. To read Jane Brody’s full column, click here.

ROAM Robotics is a new advertiser. The young company is seeking skiers to help it develop its soft robotic exoskeletons. The devices, which strengthen knees, quadriceps, and backs, are being developed in San Francisco where ROAM has an indoor ski deck. Volunteers don the devices and ski while company technicians document a variety of data points that will be used to fine-tune the product’s performance. The company also is scheduling on-hill sessions in Park City and Tahoe resorts. If interested in being a test subject, click on the advertisement with the headline “Robotic Exoskeleton: Looking for Test Pilots,” view the brief video, and answer a short questionnaire.

Several New England areas plan to remain open. Killington expects to be skiing until June 3. Bromley and Jiminy Peak will continue through April 8, Cranmore through Sunday, April 1. In Quebec, Mont-Sainte-Anne will end it’s season April 22.

Visit the Discounts for Seniors page to receive 25% off Brilliant Reflective Strips kits. Each kit has an abundance of durable press-on or sew-on reflective material. This is a fundamental safety item for seniors and their families. The strips turn any garment into the equivalent of a reflective safety vest.

Snowsports Industries of America, the winter sporting goods trade group, predicts that new government tariffs on international trading partners “…would lead to higher costs for outdoor products produced domestically that utilize steel and aluminum imports, like…skis and snowboards.”

Patagonia has a website that matches volunteers with environmental organizations in the volunteers’ locales. Click on Volunteer Your Skills.

Outside Magazine‘s article, “The Boy Who Lived on Edges,” tells the story of extreme skier, Adam Roberts. Roberts was a brilliant back country skier whose mental illness drove him to ski ever riskier slopes. It is well written and worth reading. Roberts was killed by an avalanche in 2016.

Best wishes for a good Easter, Passover, Spring.

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