Sunday at Snowbasin was the last day of my season.

The end-of-season emergence of earth shedding its winter coat is bittersweet. The joy of Winter is being replaced by the joy of Spring. Every year on my last run, I say a prayer of thanks for having completed another season and a prayer of hope for the next. Having reached that certain age, who knows what awaits between now and the next time my skis touch snow? About midway down, there was a long stretch of perfect corn. I made slow arcs, dancing; snow and gravity my partners. The last run of this season; a hopeful memory of what waits for the next.

Tuckerman’s Ravine

Skiing the New Hampshire bowl on Mt Washington is a Spring ritual for Eastern college kids. Many of you have climbed the Fire Trail on Memorial Day weekend to camp, ski, and party. This video from April 1 shows two skiers falling down the Headwall. Apparently, they walked away.

Most Decorated Male Winter Olympic Athlete Retires at 44

Norwegian biathlete, Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, 44, is retiring. He won 13 medals (eight gold, four silver, one bronze) over the course of six Winter Olympics.

Epic Water Filters

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Mountain Collective

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Experticity is Now Expert Voice

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  1. Dave Irons says:

    Please, stop the use of Tuckerman’s. It is Tuckerman Ravine. Incidentally, last weekend at Sunday River I got to watch Duncan Cullman, who won that revised Inferno Race in the Ravine in 1969 as he raced in the renewed pro tour at age 70. He demonstrated the wisdom of elder skiers by skiing around instead of over the last jump once he knew he was beaten. We watched the rest of the racing from inside the Barker Lodge with a beer. Duncan is one of the most fascinating skiers of our era.

  2. Mike Dowling says:

    My last run was also Sunday but at Jay Peak. I learned the hard way that the most dangerous place on the mountain is unloading a chairlift with a beginner next to you who has absolutely no idea about sharing space on the off-ramp. I politely allowed the girl to unload first since she turned left into my space, then the chair knocked me down as it rotated its return trip. Survived but learned a lesson that deserves sharing. Thanks for the articles and notes. And whether you call it Tuckerman or Tuckerman’s doesn’t matter: it’s still worth the trip. Mike

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Mike, I share your concern about leaving the chair. My wife was injured on the off-ramp by someone we used to know. Since then she insists upon riding on the right and announcing her directional intention before exiting. And as I promised Dave Irons, my pen (or keyboard) no longer will add the ‘s to Tuckerman! Best, Jon

  3. Connie Grodensky says:

    We have not yet finished skiing at Mt. Bachelor! Skied there on Tuesday (April 3), and plan on skiing, when conditions permit, through May! JOY!

  4. Jon
    I enjoyed your comments on skiing the last day of the season. Your words truly caught the thoughts and feelings of those last runs.

  5. Fred COWIN says:


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