IKON changed its Mammoth Mountain benefits package. Purchasers of the $599 Ikon Base Pass now have full access with the exception of certain blackout dates.

When originally offered, full access (no blackouts) was available only with the $899 Ikon Pass. Purchasers of the $599 Base Pass were entitled to 5 days at Mammoth. Alterra, the resort company offering the IKON pass, did not respond to our question asking why the policy changed. Not explaining the policy change, Alterra leaves the door open for speculation. Was it in response to pressure from vocal older skiers who were unhappy with the elimination of Mammoth’s season pass and it’s senior discounts? We don’t know. But if that were the case, seniors at other Ikon resorts which have eliminated local season passes might want to take note and express their dissatisfaction. Personally, I think Ikon, like Epic and Mountain Collective, offers excellent value, IF you travel to ski and are not committed or confined to a single area. For those who are, let’s say grandparents who like to ski with family during holidays, Ikon forces them to buy in at a steeper price than in the past.

Vail’s Acquisition of Whistler “Has Canadians Seething”

An article this week in Bloomberg News reports on Canadian dissatisfaction with Vail Resorts’ $1 billion acquisition of Whistler Blackcomb. Among the reasons: the resort’s tickets are priced with a base rate in US dollars. “The exchange rate for the two currencies is published above the ticket prices, which fluctuate daily.” Vail eliminated Whistler’s one and three day prepaid lift tickets, discounted for Canadians and State of Washington residents. Locals and others fear that these and other changes are benefitting “…jetsetters at the expense of locals,” who have established the hashtag: #FailVail.

Springtime in the Rockies

As I write this, the northern Utah mountains are expecting 6″-12″ with the Cottonwood Canyons receiving 12″-24″. Here’s the realistic rub: Powder snow is ephemeral and requires being there when the lifts open. Typically, the snow is trashed within an hour or so, and, if the spring temps rise, powder quickly turns to cement.

Springtime in Massachusetts

Wachusett Mountain will be skiing through Sunday, April 15, one of it’s latest closings ever.

Delicious, Self-Heating Meals in a Pouch

At first I was skeptical of a self-heating “homestyle meal” in a pouch. Then I tasted a few OMEALS dishes. They could rightfully be called OH! MEALS. A game-changer for campers, hikers, boaters, or anyone who wants a nutritious, good tasting hot dish with zero prep. I bought some for the car and my pack. Inside the pouch are sealed bags with food, heating element (similar to a hand warmer), and utensil with napkin. The heating element and sealed food bag are placed in the pouch, a few ounces of H2O added and the pouch sealed. In a few minutes the pouch becomes a steam-spouting mini-Vesuvius. When the seam subsides, open the bag and enjoy! OMEAL products are available at REI and other retailers. A free sample is available by clicking on the OMEALS ad on the SeniorsSkiing.com’s Discounts for Seniors page. The company is offering 20% off first orders. Strong recommendation: stock up for the summer while the discount is available.


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  1. I was speaking with the head of HR and happened to ask her about that. She told me that there were a lot of complaints from season ticket holders and that the mountain was able to get ownership to take of the days restriction off.

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Marshall, Thaks for this input. It confirms that locals who voice their concerns can effect policy change. Jon

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