An old story tells of a teacher who before summer break would always advise his students to do three things: Take one long walk. Read one good book. Make one new friend.

It’s advice I try to follow.


Every day, before the heat sets in, I walk to the end of our road. It traverses a magnificent high desert landscape with tall cliffs and a verdant mountain slope. Some days I continue another 30 minutes across the desert, into a slot canyon and up to a waterfall. The temperature in this lush narrow space can be 20 degrees lower than the desert. It’s wonderfully refreshing.

I’ve read several books over the past few months. One of them is Beneath A Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan. Set in Milan and the Dolomites during the Nazi occupation of Italy, it’s based on the true story of Pino Lella, a teen-ager who uses his climbing and skiing skills to help Italian Jews escape to Switzerland. Pino becomes the driver/interpreter for a Nazi general, has a love affair, and experiences numerous nail-biting adventures. Following the war he moves to America and teaches skiing at Mammoth. Dave McCoy, Mammoth’s founder, is quoted saying seeing Pino in deep powder was “like watching a dream.” I found the book so absorbing that its 500+ pages went by in a weekend.

I thought that approaching 75, as I am, making new friends wouldn’t be so easy. But I was wrong. Just last week, I attended a workshop on conflict resolution taught by a Zen Buddhist monk and an Aikido master. I was the oldest person in the room. Many were half my age. But we were there to learn, to interact and to share stories. It’s nice to be in a group for several days learning new things and making new friends. Trail Masters

Next month we’ll announce the 2017-18 Trail Masters. 106 of you skied or exceeded your age last season. The ten oldest in the group range from 76 to 79. Each will receive our new Trail Master patch.

Indoor Ski Area To Open (FINALLY) in NJ Meadowlands

Year-round skiing and boarding will be available at Big SNOW America, a 12-story, 180,000 square foot indoor ski area in New Jersey’s Meadowlands. the area will be part of a shopping mall with 450+ stores and restaurants. Development of the indoor area started in 2003 and had numerous stops and changes in ownership. Once completed, it’s proximity to New York and it’s airports is expected to turn it into a major destination.

Mount Snow’s Carinthia Lodge is Gone

Built in 1960, it is being replaced by a $22 million structure that will carry the same name. The 38,000 square foot building is expected to open for next season. Fifth Anniversary Gathering

We’re planning a mid- October party to celebrate five years of publication. It will be held in a private room in a pub on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Advertisers and ski resorts are contributing SWAG. More details starting in September.


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