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This season, I’m visiting areas I haven’t been to before (or haven’t been to in a very long time). Last week, Pam and I completed a tour of five Colorado ski areas and resorts. The difference between a resort and an area is that resorts have onsite lodging. Ski areas don’t.

Like most road trips from my youth, this one required a lot of moving around, a lot of taking suitcases to and from rooms, a lot of unpacking and repacking…you get the picture. We’re both of an age where the schlepp began to wear us down.

Pam would have preferred staying in one place. I don’t disagee.

Even at this age, road trips can be fun. You get to see and ski more places and, if conditions aren’t good in one place, you might be able to find pow someplace else. (As it turns out, conditions were good throughout our 10 day Tour d’ Colorado).

But there’s something delicious about parking yourself at one place, exploring the area’s terrain, restaurants, etc. Before moving to the West, some of my best ski holidays were without cars at Alta and Snowbird. You landed at the airport, collected your gear, took a shuttle to the resort, and every day, got up early, clicked on your skis, and enjoyed the terrain. End of day, you hung out with others who had done the same thing. I’ve had similar experiences elsewhere. You’re there. The car, if you brought one, is in the garage (if there is a garage). You’re not dragging luggage. It’s probably what it’s like when checking into a luxe hotel at a luxe resort. It’s what Pam would prefer. And now that I think about it, me too.

What do you think is the best way to take a ski vacation?  One place? Road trip? Something else? Full disclosure: We leave for another skiing road trip in a few weeks. This time by plane, train, and automobile in the Alps.

SeniorsSkiing in the Dolomites

InspiredItaly conducts Ski Safaris in Italy’s Dolomites. I’ve written about the weeklong experience in the past, and, next month, will experience the adventure for the first time. Two subscribers recently completed the tour. This video tells their story. 

Loveland’s Valentine’s Day Mass Wedding

Loveland Ski Area — Valentine’s Day Mountain Matrimonial.

With a name like LOVELAND, getting hitched is a natural. Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, the Colorado area celebrated its 28thAnnual Marry Me and Ski For Free Mountaintop Matrimony event. Couples got married or renew their vows outside Ptarmigan Roost Cabin (elevation12,050’). Participants are encouraged to wear wedding clothes, and the best-dressed get rewarded for their effort. The 30-minute ceremony is followed by run down the hill and a party with wedding cake, music, and prizes.

Winter Hiking Featured in New York Times

The growing cold weather pastime is explored in this short, interesting article.  Let us know where you go winter hiking and if you’d like to run some articles on the subject.

Lookout Pass

Deep. Deep. Deep. Lookout Mountain, Idaho

One side of Lookout Pass is in Idaho, the other side in Montana. The area is about a 90-minute drive from Missoula, MT or Spokane, WA. It’s not big, 540 acres; 1,150’ vertical. But does it get snow! Average annual snowfall is 400”. Keep an eye on this place. It’s about to double in acreage and increase its vert. Check photo taken this week!

100″ in Utah Since Feb 1

Yes, you read that correctly.

CMH Virtual Reality Tour

Canadian Mountain Holidays is presenting a 5-minute virtual reality film at ski resorts around the country. Filmed in Canada’s Cariboo range “Lines of Sight” is said to the the first film of its kind in the tech and ski industries. In resort pop-up lounges, viewers don VR goggles to watch the action. As they turn their heads, they are able to explore the full field of vision. You can watch the same film by clicking hereAs you watch, place your cursor over any of the four arrows in the upper left corner to extend your vision left, right, up, and down. CMH says it created the film to immerse viewer into the experience and to dispel the myth that Heli-Skiing has to be extreme. Remaining screenings are scheduled for Mont Tremblant, March 7-12, Mammoth Mountain, March 22-24, and Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows, March 29-31 and April 5-7.

BRR! Skincare Winter Balm

BRR! is an all natural face-protecting balm for skiers and boarders. Winter Balm was crafted with a unique blend of botanicals to protect skin against the effects of cold and wind. No nasty, toxic ingredients.  Can be applied to the face (cheeks, nose, and lips) prior to outdoor activity to protect or after exposure to soothe. First rate. Click here.



  1. Harold (Tony) Borden says:

    To the readers who are interested in the Skiing Safari in the Dolomites:
    I am the second guy in the video, and I want to clarify something that might be of concern to people who are interested in doing this trip. The refugios that were mentioned are quite nice, much better than I was expecting. They were comfortable, warm and had good food and drink. The sleeping accomodations were good as were the bathrooms, some of which were in each room. So if you are interested, don’t worry about that. If anyone has any questions, I would be glad to respond. Tony Borden

  2. Hi Jon, have you published the itinerary for your tour of five Colorado ski areas and resorts? Where you skied, where you stayed? I have done a few summer road trips, and would like to talk a few friends into a winter one.

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