Many thanks to each of you who has generously responded to’s fund raising campaign. We soon will be sending out decals, patches and hats. The campaign will run through February.

The Things We Carry

What do we really need for a week or two on the hill? Answers will vary depending on whether we’re flying, driving, or returning to a  mountain home. Other factors are weather and whether or not skiing will be just one part of the journey.

Some of you may be familiar with Marie Kondo, whose organizing principles are presented in the new Netflix reality TV series, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.”  Her process involves piling everthing in one spot, sorting though, and keeping only those things that “spark joy.”

Let me admit something my wife has been telling me for years: Some things I find hard to toss. Recently, I cleaned out my boot bag. You may ask, why even bother with a boot bag? It’s an important way to keep boots and accessories organized. I found a lot of old, expired, unnecessary stuff in there. One balaclava is enough. I got rid of two. Disposable hand warmers are always handy, but several were years past their due dates. Then the miscellaneous lip coatings, expired sunscreens, etc. I have a separate bag for powder cords, and over the years have assembled quite the collection of those colorful ribbons, not because I needed more, but because they were at home when I needed them at the mountain. The boot bag now has a single set. It no longer has dried-up contact lenses; ancient pain killers, old area maps, expired passes, multiple goggle defogging products, etc. etc. My boot bag now sparks joy.


I also have a large, rolling duffle with many zippered compartments, including a full-length “basement.” The monster is large enough to hold multiple parkas, ski pants, more layers than a Bermuda onion, socks, shirts…wardrobes for most skiing scenarios, après ski scenarios, receptions with royals, and a quick trip to the beach. The operative word here is “rolling,” and that’s helped by both a soft handle and a hard one that extends from the frame. 

As I prepare for an upcoming, extended journey in the Alps and in big and small cities, that bag, intelligently packed and organized, will be a godsend. 

Another confession: Since I don’t have the mental discipline to anticipate every possible travel scenario, I limit travel and ski garb to combinations of black and gray. Truth be told, that pretty much defines my wardrobe, in general.

Everything else – laptop, chargers, spare glasses, things to read, meds, and toiletries – go into a backpack that stays with me on plane, train and automobile. Everything, except for credit cards and cash; I’ll need those to purchase the things I forgot to pack.

West Coast Snow Report: DEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!

Squaw Valley has received 492″+  so far. That’s 41′; eight of them in the last week. Other California areas getting similar amounts. Boreal 432″; Kirkwood, 425″; Sierra at Tahoe, 400″.  Super snow storms are creating travel and avalanche issues.

Well Worth Reading

Jackson Hogen, publisher of ( subscribers can subscribe to for $9.99) sends out weekly short essays about different aspects of the sport. His current piece, titled, “To Ski Better in All Terrain, Tweak Your Tactics,” offers sound advice on making small adjustments that render big results. Click here to read.

The One-Off Tesla Ski 

Renoun is an award-winning maker of high-end skis. Among other innovations, it uses HDT, a putty-like material that causes skis to feel stiffer as they go faster. The Burlington (VT) company says the HDT makes them ski smoothly and with greater control. Renoun recently sent Elon Musk a custom pair sporting the Tesla logo.  “The guy is a badass. He deserves badass skis,” said Renoun CEO, Cyrus Schenck.

March 2 Mont Tremblant Fund Raiser

Skiers young and old are invited to join the 6th Legends Classic, a giant slalom fundraiser where participants rub shoulders with Tremblant’s mountain legends while supporting the Canadian Hall of Fame and the Canadian Ski Museum. Racers are eligible to win prizes, and spectators and racers are welcome to compete in the Vintage Skiwear Contest held during the Awards ceremony.

Fun Vintage Cartoon

Walt Disney’s “The Art of Skiing,” features Goofy learning to ski. Produced in 1941, and seen by millions, this 90 second excerpt will bring a smile. Click here to view.


  1. “Why bother with a boot bag?” Jon, you apparently have yet to discover heated boot bags! Dithering over the decadence of such a thing, even at deep discount at a pre-season pro products show, my wife pushed past me and told the guy staffing the table, “We’ll take two.” Boy, was she right! Sitting on the tailgate sliding into a pair of buttery soft, toasty warm ski boots on an ass-freezing day beats hell out of struggling to squeeze your dogs into painful stone-hard iron maidens while your hands turn to lumps of frozen clay. Yes, they are expensive, but a heated bootbag is one of those private ‘joys’ I make sure to afford.

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Rich, You and your wife are 100% correct! Heated boot bags are terrific. The bag I have is heated, and the few times I’ve used that feature have made those boots — in your excellent and amusing words — “buttery soft” and “toasty warm.” Jon

  2. What brand and model is your rolling bag with “basement”. I’ve been looking to buy one, thinking I’d put my boots in the basement.

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Bryan, It’s a Samsonite, purchased several years ago at a Samsonite outlet store. Just looked and could not find a model #. It is very rugged. I never considered putting boots in its “basement,” but that’s a good idea. Plan to repack that way for upcoming trip and see if it works. Thanks for the idea! Jon

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