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Once upon a time, stores, malls and restaurants didn’t look the same. Places in different parts of the country looked and felt different, even if their offerings were similar. Today, the mall in Boston might as well be in Boise or Baltimore. To this observer, they seem similar and soulless; commercial palaces selling the same commodified goods.


Is something similar happening to our ski areas? 

I hope not. But, despite physical and geographic differences, areas that are part of IKON or EPIC certainly present themselves and their pass offerings with similarity. It’s efficient, and their corporate bosses (most likely) require it.

In the process, local character and culture gets tossed in the blender, and we, the people who may have enjoyed the differences, lose out.

Early last week, Arapahoe Basin announced it was parting ways with Vail Resort’s EPIC Pass. The stated reason is A-Basin’s lack of parking capacity to accommodate increased traffic from it’s EPIC participation. Parking space is a legitimate issue and one of Arapahoe’s biggest challenges.

The official statement from Alan Henceroth ,Arapahoe’s Chief Operating Officer also read, “..the ski area has developed a very special community that feels like home. This decision (to leave EPIC) will allow us to continue to build on this spirit and the experience we have created.”  

I don’t think Arapahoe’s decision is the canary in the mine for the rest of the industry. But it highlights the area’s interest in preserving its character and its community. I spent a bluebird day there a few weeks back. It has every type if skiing you’d want: bowl, trees, trails, above tree line. The lodges are lovely; the food, creative, interesting and reasonably priced. The Beavers, new lift-serviced acreage with blacks and blues opened this season. In 2020 the area will be 75.

Arapahoe is not the biggest and it’s not the most glamorous. But it is a wonderful ski area taking steps to preserve its character and its soul.

BRAVO Arapahoe!!!!!

Vail To Acquire Two Aussie Resorts

Vail Resorts will be purchasing two more ski resorts, both in Victoria, Australia. They are Falls Creek Alpine Resort and Hotham Alpine Resort. The purchase price is reported to be $174 million.

New Sun Valley/Snowbasin Pass

The new Sun and Snow Pass from Sun Valley and Snowbasin.  Twill offer three days at each resort for $359 for adults and $89 for children. The pass also gives 50% off the window rate for subsequent ticket purchases. The pass has other benefits, as well. The $359 price rises after May 31. Click here for details.

 2019-20 IKON Pass Now Available

Both versions of the pass go on sale March 5 for lowest prices of the upcoming season. Click here.

Alf Engen Ski Museum’s Head To Receive ISHA Award

When visiting Park City, the Alf Engen Ski Museum is an important stop. With stationary and interactive exhibits, it is the most entertaining of the nation’s ski museums. Connie Nelson, the museum’s executive director since inception, will be recognized by the International Skiing History Association with its Lifetime Achievement Award when ISHA meets in Park City in early April.

Entering Easily: Getting Into Your Boots

One of the most common complaints about ski boots is the difficulty of getting them on. Over the years, myriad homemade and commercial solutions have been developed. advertiser, BOOTSTER, is a ski boot shoe horn that fits in parka pocket, incorporates Teflon-coated Kevlar fabric,  and is genuinely effective. It was developed by an older skier who is also a professional engineer. Visit the company website to see how it works and to read user comments. If you’re fed-up with the aggravation of putting on ski boots, this $25 investment will give you many years of productive dividends.

Colorful Spring Fling Video From Mont-Sainte-Anne and Stoneham Mountain Resort

It’s colorful. It’s youthful. It’s fun. Click here.

1920s Winter Sports Film

This compilation from British Pathé includes early skiing, skijoring, skating, etc. One of the weirdest clips has a guy with a parachute. It’s short.


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