The most important equipment we need to maintain is our bodies. Cardio and weight training are essential to getting the most out of ourselves.

My wife is great at exercise: persistent and consistent. Hardly a day goes by when she’s not swimming or doing yoga, weights or other gym stuff. It helps that she enjoys it. I, on the other hand, often require her encouragement (aka nagging) to get me going. It wasn’t always that way. For years, when commuting to an office in Manhattan, I got up at 4:30AM for an hour race walk before getting on with the rest of the day. Photos from 25 years ago show a much trimmer me. I now look forward to working out. It’s a good feeling and one I hope is adding more life to the remaining years. It helped give me a strong feeling going into this past season. When I start to get lazy about exercise, I remind myself of being strong for next season. If you’re not moving around as much as you think you should, get up and do something. If it has been a while, take it easy and work your way toward greater strength and endurance. If you’re recovering from illness or injury, consult with medical personnel, physical therapists, or a good trainer. No need to overdo it; big need simply to do it. Keep moving. It will help you get back in track when next season rolls around. 


Non-Stop Snow

This year you may not need to visit the Southern Hemisphere to get in your summer runs. Mammoth Mountain has so much snow, it plans to be skiing daily into August. Numerous areas throughout the snow-laden West are still open, at least on weekends. Even Killington, in Vermont, has some runs. 


More Evidence Shows Glaciers Melting

Credit: ESA/Zemp et al. (2019) Nature/World Glacier Monitoring Service

Using 50-years of glacier measurements from the ground and from satellites, an international team of scientists studied 19 glacier regions around the world. They determined that the Earth’s glaciers have lost over 9,000 gigatons (9 trillion tons) of ice since 1961, causing the seas to rise by 27 mm or 1.06 inches.


American Airlines Cuts Ski Fee

American announced it will check skis for $30, a significant savings over the $150 it has been charging. The reduced fees also apply to bikes, music gear, and other sports equipment. Bulky items still are subject to oversize or overweight charges.


Orthopaedic Surgeon Breaks Record for Ski Boot Marathon

British orthopaedic surgeon, Paul Harnett, recently broke the world record for running a marathon in ski boots. He completed the race in London in 5 ½ hours and raised £10,000 for the British Paralympic Association and World Orthopaedic Concern.


JOB OPENING: Ski Journalist Group Treasurer 

North American Snowsports Journalists Association (NASJA) is seeking a part-time treasurer. Responsibilities include monthly and year-end financial reports, receiving funds, and disbursing payments. Pays $200 per month. Interested? Contact NASJA Executive Secretary Peter Hines: [email protected]


New Film Stars National Parks

The new film, “Find Me” is the story of a millennial desk jockey searching for a friend who disappeared after leaving a trail of clues. They take him to national parks and other outdoor places he never before considered visiting. It’s a romantic comedy treasure hunt starring nature in the lead role. For screening dates and locations click here.


French Paraskiers Clowning Around

Ski videographers demonstrate to what ends they’ll go to create a “different looking” video. About 4 ½ minutes: Click here.


French Adventurer Crosses Atlantic in a Barrel

Credit: Georges Gobet/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Jean-Jacques Savin, 72, recently crossed the Atlantic in a motorless, 10’ long barrel-shaped capsule made of plywood. It took him 127 days to complete the  3,125-nautical-mile trip. Relying solely on currents and winds, he left from the Canary Islands and landed May 2 on the Dutch Caribbean island of St. Eustatius. “It’s freedom,” was the answer he gave a New York Times reporter when asked about the trip. The entire interview is here.


Gee Whiz, Mister. Is That For Real?

Remember The Jetsons and those Mechanics Illustrated articles about flying cars? Last month, Boeing released this video of its prototype.


He Ran Every Street in San Francisco

Rickey Gates is a very long distance runner. A few years ago, he ran from coast-to-coast. Last November he set out to run every street in San Francisco and completed the 1,303 mile task in 46 days. This film, from Salomon, is uplifting and inspiring. 

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