What about that Big Dump last week in the West!!!!!!

If you’re like me — waiting for the first signs of Winter — the season is now on its way.

These areas plan to open in October:

  • Wolf Creek, CO – 13th October
  • Killington, VT – 19th October
  • Sunday River, ME – 19th October
  • Arapahoe Basin, CO – 20th October
  • Loveland, CO – 20th October
  • Wild Mountain Ski and Snowboard Area, MN – 20th October
  • Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, NV – 20th October
  • Mount Snow, VT – 20th October
  • Wildcat Mountain, NH – 27th October

SeniorsSkiing.com is now publishing every Friday.

Two big issues for senior skiers surfaced in recent reader surveys. 

  • One is your interest in finding contemporaries with whom you can ski. 

  • The other is being hit by reckless and out-of-control skiers and boarders.

To address finding skiing buddies, I’ve asked a digital-cartographer friend and avid skier to help us identify a meeting place that could apply to all ski areas. The idea is to set a time (e.g. 10AM) when members of the SeniorsSkiing.com community could show up at a specific location and, displaying a SeniorsSkiing.com sticker, meet other readers with whom to take some runs. 

Courtesy: University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library Ski Archive

What are the unresolved issues? 1) Identifying a location that would apply to all areas. If in the lodge, should it be a table closest to the end of the cafeteria line? Near the main entrance? Etc. If you have any ideas of how to do this – without involving area management – please send an email or post in Comments.  2) Supplying readers with the identifying SeniorsSkiing.com sticker. That’s the easy part: Email me your name and address, and we’ll send you a supply. My email address is [email protected].

As for the reckless/out-of-control skier problem, take a look at the reader comments in Mike’s This Week message. It’s not a trivial matter. Many readers report on slope hit-and-runs. Many more report near misses. Getting hit when you’re in your 60s, 70s, or 80s has more life-altering consequences than when you’re younger.

Something needs to be done. We’ve approached National Ski Patrol to inquire about their policies and to see if they would be open to exploring a collaborative effort to improve the situation. We’ll report what we learn. In the meanwhile, if you have suggestions to remedy this dangerous epidemic of unsafe skiing, please email them to the same address as above.

Finally, if you like SeniorsSkiing.com, please help spread the word by introducing your skiing friends to the site.  

Despite Serious Neurological Disorder, He Continues to Ski

Nick Manely in France

Nick Manely, a SeniorsSkiing.com reader and avid skier has been managing a Functional Neurological Disorder for several years. He’s based in Colorado where he coaches at Eldora Mountain and works at Larson’s Ski Shop in Denver. In September, Nick presented about his condition and skiing to a group if physicians and researchers at The International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders in Nice, France.

Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports Seeks Volunteer Instructors

Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports is the state’s largest year-round disabled sports nonprofit. The group looking for energetic winter volunteer-instructors. Volunteers will be trained to help teach and lead the organization’s winter programs that include Alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, indoor rock climbing, veterans retreats, and wellness programs. For more information or to sign up to volunteer, complete the application at www.vermontadaptive.org/get-involved.

Economical Resource for Small to Plus Size Parkas and Pants

Many Senior Skiers have difficulty finding properly fitting ski clothing. One old friend, quite petite, is always checking ski shops for good-looking things. Sometimes she has to settle for children’s items. Another friend is at the other end of the size spectrum. She, too, has difficulty finding quality skiwear in her size. I know they’re not alone. That’s why I’m delighted that NW Sales Connection has become a SeniorsSkiing.com advertiser. The company offers a wide range of skiwear in a wide range of sizes. Their initial ad focuses on women, but the site covers women, men, and children. The cost of ski clothing on the site tops out at $139.99, and everything is marked down. There is a 30-day return policy (longer over the Holidays). Please click on the NW Sales Connection ad and welcome this valuable resource to the SeniorsSkiing.com community. As an additional incentive to SeniorsSkiing.com readers, NW Sales Connection is giving a 10% discount for purchases made between now and October 15. Enter “welcome seniors” in the discount code box during check out.

The Easier Way To Get Your Boots On

This is the surefire solution to getting feet into boots, even when your boots are cold. It’s the compact, never-fail, Bootster, a clever little device utilizing a slippery material that helps feet slide effortlessly into ski boots. Several things make this a particularly nice product: Bootster reduces the effort of getting boots on. And, it fits into your parka pocket, so you can take it with you and use it to get your boots back on after lunch. At $25, it’s highly affordable and makes for a thoughtful gift for the older skiers on your list. To learn more click here or on the Bootster ad on the home page.

Solar Powered Task Light

We receive lots of offers to review products and to try things that companies would like brought to the attention of our readers. Most are irrelevant or unworthy. But this one got my attention. It’s a light weight utility light powered by choice of solar or by your computer’s USB port. The flexible, yellow silicone arm wraps around almost anything to position the light where you want it. It has four settings, three to adjust the light intensity and one to make it flash. I envision this as a nifty addition to camping gear or just to keep in the car or at home. Mpowerd, the company that makes this and other similar products, works with non-profits to send lights to people living without access to electricity. Luci®  Core, MSRP $14.95. Available from most outdoor retailers or directly from https://mpowerd.com

Remember Ski Ballet?

Skis of Glory is a brief video recapping that highly visual and entertaining era.


  1. Herb Gliick says:

    Your suggestion that an on-mountain meeting place could encourage skiing codger companionship misses the greater question of finding other codgers to get to the mountain in the first place. The White and Green Mountains may not offer the best snow in the skiing world but they do offer a proximity to New Englanders that most other skiers don’t enjoy. We can day trip. But the two to three hour drive alone is too often the best reason not to bother going north in the first place. In flatter or warmer parts of the country having to travel alone also probably stops others from skiing as much as they would like. How about the Chicagoan who might like to catch a few days in CO or UT? Surely there must be another nearby who would like to do the same. You guys are uniquely positioned to create a simple online system to enable like-minded senior skiers to find each other on short notice for, as you put it, short swings on a mountain.

  2. Ballet Brings back many memories of teaching these moves and all the kids . Used to judge these events and set them up in the early 70’s.

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