Hey there, Senior Skier:  Time for a moment of honest reflection.  While ski boots have come a long, long way from the old days, comfort-wise, they still suck, right?

But, what if ski boots didn’t hurt after three hours of riding hard pack?  What if you could walk around the lodge or to your car in comfort, without the cadence of a hobbled horse?  What if you could get the damn things on without wrestling, straining, tugging, and grunting?  Well, you can.  That’s the whole idea behind the Apex boot which promises comfort and performance without the feeling of having your feet in a clamp.


The Apex takes its inspiration from ski board riders, who can perform all day on the mountain and then dance to the music in their boots in the lodge.  Basically, the Apex consists of two elements: a walkable support boot that promises a custom fit, and an external carbon-fiber frame—an exoskeleton, if you will—that can be tuned to different flexes.  The boot locks into the frame, and the result, according to Apex, is the Holy Grail of precise edge control and comfort.

We learned of the Apex boot from Senior Skier Billy Kidd, who, at 70, is still very much on the hill. As the 1964 Olympics silver medalist said in an interview with CBS Denver, “At 20 years old, I didn’t care about comfort.  I still need to have control, but the top priority for me now is comfort.”  Now, we at SeniorsSkiing totally endorse Billy’s urgency for comfort; it’s a core philosophy around here.  That’s why the Apex looks so interesting.

The innovative genius behind Apex is none other than Denny Hanson.  In 1970, Denny and his brother Chris rocked ski industry traditionalists with what was then the revolutionary Hanson boot, the first rear-entry design that also featured comfort and easy to get into.  The Hanson boot caught on with racers and freestylers, and what was once considered radical became accepted.

Here’s Denny showing off the Apex.

Couple of things.  Apex boots aren’t cheap.  On the other hand, reviewers are really effusive about praising the performance-comfort benefit.  Also, dealers are spread out pretty thinly.  Check the website for a dealer within a day’s drive.  Or a short plane ride. Or head over to Apex Ski Boots.

Comments on Apex boots?  Anyone? Anyone?


  1. Doug Williams says:

    How much do these boot cost and where can I see them and try them on?

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Hey Doug, Thanks for stopping by. Check the Apex website for dealers near you. As we mentioned in the article, dealers were not exactly everywhere. Would you let us know your experience with them?


      • Doug
        Apex boots range in price from $595 to $1,295. They can be found at over 130 dealers throughout the country. You can see the locations under “Dealers” on our website. We have over 8,000 skiers enjoying the comfort and performance of Apex boots. There are several locations where you can demo before you buy, just call a dealer new you or near the mountain that you will be skiing and ask if they demo. I hope you have an opportunity to ski Apex, Skiing is Believing!

  2. Hi all
    I was convinced by a ski Race coach to try the Apex boot. I’m a PSIAAAS Level III Alpine and telemark instructor, and Sr. Specialist II. My tele boots have always been more comfortable than my alpine boots… Until now! The Apex boot system is functional, reactive, oh, and comfortable!
    I have had other full cert instructors and trainers observe my skiing and my skiing has not negatively changed, according to the feedback.
    My fellow instructors look on with envy as I slip in and out of the rigid exoskeleton and walk like, a human being around the resort. Unfortunately, I feel they still think your feet have to be confined and jammed into a boot that causes you to grimace when you remove them. LOL
    Happy Feet.. Happy Skiing
    Tom Koto

    The boot system comes in full sizes and I did move from my normal 26.5 to a 27. Apex was very responsive to exchange the boots.

  3. Tom
    I am so pleased that you are enjoying your Apex Ski Boots. We have several hundred certified instructors skiing in Apex Boots at this point.
    Best to you!

  4. Going to go try a pair on and enjoyed Hansen Boots years ago in Taos teaching there for Ernie, such a strange name for a German Guy I always thought. Went to Whiteface last December to ski for the first time in 15 years and rented boots that, I could not stand to wear. I hope that that these present day Hansen’s fit like it’s the 70’s. I’ll let you know.
    Russ Lahart
    Lake Placid

  5. Saw my first pair of these on a PSIA L3 examiner when attending a CS1 exam this past winter (14/15). IMPRESSIVE!

    His skiing ability/performance was awesome! Even though my boots are fairly new (1yr old), fit great and have “heaters”.. this is something I have to get.

  6. I am 61 years old Canadian. . Skied from the age of 3 until I was 54 years old. I developed sever numbness in both feet which made it impossible to wear anything tight on my feet Ski boots, Skates…..you name it. Driving me nuts!!

    I just discovered the numbness is most likely attributable to “Crestor” (long story)an very common Statin drug used to fight high cholesterol. I have been taking it for 9 years a a preventive due to family heart issue history. I have been off Crestor for a few days and already notice a BIG difference in my feet. Let hope I get all the feeling back and I can ski again!!

    The Apex boot seems to be just what I need. Cant wait to get my not so numb feet into a pair next year. Stay tuned

  7. Hi. I have skied for 30 years on and off and have always had problems with boots, feet going completely numb that I nearly pass out! Have done a bit of research on them and they look amazing and think they will solve my problem, but before I invest i would like to try, will resorts start to hire the apex boot do you think, I ski mainly in France and Austria!

  8. Michael Cahn says:

    I am a 73 year young skier and ski about 40 days a season. Last year I purchased a pair of Apex boots and can tell you they have beat all my expectations for warmth and comfort and most of all skiability.

  9. Philip m Rajotte says:

    Where in Ontario Canada can I get a pair of these boots. I used to sell the the 1970’s Hanson step in, hot wax and go…they were awesome.

  10. The Rev'd Neal Humphrey says:

    I started skiing in 1953 and have personally experienced most of the ski boot innovations and changes since then. I tried both the Apex XP and MC-X. I purchased a pair of Apex MC-X boots. I’ve skied about 75,000 vertical feet in the boots. The manufacturer does not overstate their claims of comfort and performance. I put on the boots, drive to the ski resort (I live 30 minutes from Snow Basin, Utah), walk to the base area, put on the frames and hit it.

  11. I had a pair of Apex MC3 and just got back from a trip with the new upgraded Apex XP’s . I am impressed with how quickly Apex made needed changes to improve the boots. It was a little clunky getting used to the two part system initially, but after a few runs they settled in and skied like a pair of my best go to boots. The real excitement came when I unclipped from the chassis and strolled into the lodges for breaks. It was like walking in bedroom slippers. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. My only gripe is getting back into the chassis…..the front buckle still gets in the way making it an awkward bending over, two handed ordeal. Apex needs to address this to simplify the re-entry. I am an expert skier and these boots handled any and all slopes with ease. Absolutely tons of adjustment and plenty of stiffness. The slightly higher mounting stance provides additional leverage in turns. These will be my new “go to boots”. One additional word. In dealing with Apex customer service….they communicated and handled my needs above and beyond. This a a company you want to deal with. Enjoy the powder!!

  12. Marc Gershel says:

    Concerning the front buckle, I slip a short cord thru the buckle and hold it back until I get the boot in. Then pull one end of the cord and it comes out without bending over. I also hold the top in the same hand.This gives a clear opening. EASY.

  13. I am a 76 years old part time instructor. I have been enjoying my Apex boots for the last two seasons. I had seen them and just ordered from the Apex web site by following the fitting measurement process there. After getting them I had an expert boot fitter make custom insoles that I need to correct over-pronating ankles. I continue to be delighted with the comfort and performance.

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