1. Avatar Art Blattner says:

    I’ll be going out this Season after back surgery last Spring and the people at Pedigree Ski Shop recommend the Blizzards you have on your list.

  2. Avatar Donald MacKay says:

    Disappointed no mention of DPS skis which are made in Utah. I am 78 and ski at Alta; groomers and trees, love deep powder. The best skis I have ever owned are my DPS Wailers. They carve beautifully on groomers and surf in deep powder. Additionally, thanks to their Phantom process, their skis NEVER need to be waxed. A great ski for seniors.

  3. Donald, please post what model of wailers you have, I’m interested in doing a demo

  4. Avatar Cracked Edge says:

    Boy….that really narrows it down.

  5. I have found that skis too wide beat me up in the afternoon when even the groomers turn to “harbor chop” as a sailor friend of mine calls it. Skis with about 90 or a little less underfoot seem to cut through better, yet with today’s wide tips and early rise etc. ski just fine in powder.

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