If You’ve Been Around The Ski Biz, You Will See Some Familiar Faces.

Flipping out at a 60s ski show.

Thanks to Cathie Judge for sending us this video commemorating the famous Harry Leonard Ski Shows, starting in the late 60s with lots of clips of several giants of the ski industry back in the day.

Ski and Snow Board Show impresario and SeniorsSkiing.com advisory board member Bernie Weichsel, who contributed archival photographs to this video, said that Harry Leonard’s son, Adam Leonard, produced this for Harry’s 90th birthday.

SKIING magazine editor and ski legend Doug Pfeiffer at the show sometime in the early 70s.

So many familiar faces: Barbara Alley, Stein Ericksen, Doug Pfeiffer, Bob Beattie, and many other industry personalities.








  1. The video sadly does not play in Canada. Usually because of some copyright situation.

  2. From the 1980’s until he had to close the NY Show, when he lost his venue, “The Coliseum”, I attended yearly an almost identical SKI show—but they were BERNIE WEISCHEL’S ski show productions!?

    Held in NY, Boston, Philadelphia, etc……similar stars, acts (but more up-to-date in the 80’s, such as Alan Shoenberger, Suzee Chaffee, Barbara Alie, well-known current skiers, ski movies, ski products, the Beer Garden, etc.). But–what they shared in common, was the great bonhomie and excitement at both Bernie’s production—and the Ski Show seen in this video, Lively and filled with excited skiers anticipating the arrival of ski season.

    WAS THIS VIDEO’S SHOW ONE WHICH BERNIE TOOK OVER—-OR WAS BERNIE’S A SEPARATE ONE??. I knew there was another show that traveled around—but these older shows really are almost identical to Bernie’s. Loads of fun! And now I’m confused!!

    My twin sister and I became friends with Bernie many years ago, (and I should really just e-mail his work office and ask him this question), but, anyway! For years we went to his shows, parties (only a few years ago, his 60th birthday party in NY!) and other events he hosted (“Skiing in NY’s Central Park Day” every year)…and each year, we exchanged Christmas cards. I still receive his yearly newsy Newsletter!

    A most wonderful, kind and caring person, we felt sad when Bernie moved to Boston. AND–when he lost his venue for NYC’s Ski Show.

    So, can whoever reads this, please let me know if Bernie bought Harry Leonard’s Ski Show—-or if he developed his own show separately? I lived abroad during the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, so did not know about any ski shows at all, when this video was made.

    Whether this became Bernie’s show but in later years……..or if he began a new yearly traveling Production–my twin and I just remember looking forward to seeing Bernie and his magnificent ski show every year. Whenever I receive his newsletter, I marvel at how much he does—and, -most of all, I admire his compassionate charity work with poorer city kids, to introduce them to skiing! You couldn’t find a nicer fellow!!

    Are there any other subscribers who know the answer to my question—or are lucky enough to know Bernie? 🙂

    Many thanks,

    Lynn (I live in NYC)

    • Avatar Michael Maginn says:

      Lynn: Thanks for your kind words, thoughts and questions. Bernie is a member of our Board of Advisors and a long-time friend. We will copy and forward your comment to him and,knowing Bernie, he will be in touch. Thanks again for reading SeniorsSkiing.com

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