No impossible steeps, flips or cliff-hucking. Don Burch creates kinder and gentler ski videos showing normal skiers doing normal things. His editing, use of interesting digital enhancements and choice of scenic shots have a warm, old-school quality appealing to skiers and boarders of a certain age. “Calling Me” (about 3-minutes) is Don’s most recent production. Click on the image to view.


  1. Nice video. Real places, real skiers, real ski days.

  2. We all started there. Well done!

  3. Nice! And loved the song, def added to the vibe.
    Shazam results: ‘Calling Me’ by Ooyy.

  4. Thanks, Don. Watching your work makes me want to hit the trails and slopes even more.

  5. Nice hearing from you Roger. Hope to speak with you soon.

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