Don Burch Produces A Stunning Portfolio Of Images From Snow Country.

Many of these images are really beautiful,  frame-worthy.  Thanks Don for this. Please let him know what your reaction is in Leave A Reply below.


  1. Thanks Don. Very pleasant viewing and I recognize several locations.

  2. Happy Days! Beautifully put together thank you

  3. What a beautiful journey to take at the end of my day today. Thank you for sharing your artistry with us.

  4. Patti Farkas says:

    Beautiful technique – the images seem to “flow” on the page!

  5. Tom Bierman says:

    Might be the closest I get to skiing this winter. Thanks

  6. are these pictures for sale? Nicely done!

  7. Bernard Weichsel says:

    Really beautiful renditions of what it is like to be outdoors in the Winter time – skiing and spectating – in New England. Close your eyes and you can feel the brisk air of a good winter day!

  8. Kent Schreiber says:

    Great Pics Don…always appreciate your artistic touch!

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