Haunting Song Evokes Winter Night Snow Fall.

Everybody knows Pete Seeger and his folk songs from archival ballads to anthems of struggle, the peace and labor movement, and the rest.  What is not widely known is that Pete was a lyrical poet, and some of his lesser known works are rich with images and emotion.  One of those is “Snow, Snow,” appropriate for listening to by a fireside on a cold night with a gentle snow fall outside.  It’s a bit minimalist, perhaps somber in its simple description of snow falling on a town.  We offer it here as a chance for our readers to reflect on what else snow can be.  Click on the Youtube video below to hear a rendition.

Credit: Shot Photos
Credit: Shot Photos

Snow, Snow By Pete Seeger

(Chorus after each verse)

Snow, snow, falling down

Covering up my dirty old town




Covers the garbage dump, covers the holes

Covers the rich homes, and the poor souls.

Covers the station, covers the tracks,

Covers the footsteps of those who’ll not be back


Under the street lamp, there stands a girl,

Looks like she’s not got a friend in this world.

Look at the big flakes come drifting down,

Twisting and turning, round and round.


Covers the mailbox, the farm and the plow.

Even barbed wire seems beautiful now.

Covers the station, covers the tracks.

Covers the footsteps of those who’ll not be back.


“Snow, Snow” was released on the 1973 Rainbow Race album.



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