Perfect Summer Book: A Mystery With Vermont Skiing, A Cheating Fiance, A Spunky Ski Bum From Boston, Dead Bodies, Love Affairs and Gemutlichkeit.

DoubleBlackWhen and if you take a break from hiking, cycling, kayaking and all the other activities our frisky senior readership engages in over the summer, you will can look forward to delicious flights of fancy with a Ski Diva mystery.  Yes, our friend The Ski Diva (aka Wendy Clinch) has written a pot boiler involving murder and mayhem in snow country Vermont.  Actually, Double Black was published in 2013, and we’re just catching up with it.

A full review will follow, but meanwhile, if you’re growing tired of reading Ron Chernow’s Hamilton, or the second volume of Proust, time to lighten up with a good, old fashioned murder mystery set among the ski trails of New England. Comfort reading for senior snow sport enthusiasts!

Order on Amazon, download and you can imagine you’re back in February, making some nice tight turns down Chin Clip or Nose Dive, chasing murders.





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