Ski buses, single-seat lifts, bear trap bindings, racing wipe-outs, skinny trails.

From SkiPresse/Cycle Presse.  Nostalgia.

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  1. Bruce Vivian says:

    Started on 1 pc. Maple skis in ’45. Youngest on Cndn. Ski Patrol in’ ’48. Had 3
    Children who became CSI Cnd Ski Instructors. Daughter Lisa is a Level 3 Inst./
    Level 2 Coach & still Master racing/winning @ 51. I am still racing at 84 & won
    80+ Muskoka club race 2 weeks ago. Spent last week with storm Stella in
    Mt Washington NH valley last week. Over the hill means your going Downhill.
    Bruce Vivian, Toronto, ON. Cheers

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