Perhaps One Of These Days.

Pluto: Just a rocket ship ride away. Credit: NASA
Pluto: Just a rocket ship ride away.
Credit: NASA

NASA spaceship New Horizon’s zoomed past Pluto in June. It’s the closest we’ve gotten to the dwarf planet. At 3,670,050,000 miles, Pluto is almost 40 times the distance from the Sun as Earth. This spectacular image shows a range of 11,000′ icy mountains. We don’t know if they might require very sharp edges to maneuver, but astronomers report that gravity on Pluto is about 1/12th that on of Earth. In skier terms, that means the slightest effort to jump a mogul and a very long distance before landing. If you were to figure out a way to get to our very distant neighbor, be sure to wear an extra base layer. Pluto’s surface is among the coldest in the solar system: about -375 degrees F (-225 degrees C). Be sure to pack a big lunch and don’t forget the oxygen.


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