Our Readers Search Their Attics For Old Ski Songs. Hear Them Now.

Wow, what a response!  Thanks everyone for comments and emails on our reprised article, Skiing Songs of The Sixties.  We not only heard about ski song memories, we had some folks sending us (digital) recordings.

We have to tip a pole to Boyd Allen, Exeter, NH, for taking the time to send us two digitized versions of the very songs that some readers requested as a result of the article.  Boyd grew up listening to his dad’s Harry Belafonte, Kingston Trio and other folk records.  In college, he says he came across an old Intercollegiate Songbook with skiing tunes bases on folk songs.  That find launched a hobby where Boyd tracks down and collects old recordings and song books, especially about skiing!  Boyd is a teleskier these days. Thanks so much, Boyd.

Boyd sent us two versions each of Let’s Go Skiing and The Skier’s Daydream by SeniorsSkiing.com reader Ray Conrad. Click on the links below to play.

Let’s Go Skiing by Bernie Knee and the Irving Fields Orchestra.

Let’s Go Skiing by Frank Yankovic

The Skier’s Daydream by Ray Conrad

The Skier’s Daydream by Oscar Brand


And to SeniorsSkiing.com reader Alison, we thank you for remembering and sending in a reference to Schifoan, a tune in German written by Austrian folk singer Wolfgang Ambros.  As Alison says, it’s a catchy tune, even if your German is a bit rusty.  Here’s a version we found on Youtube by Wolfgang himself.

Finally, here’s Cotton Pickin’ Lift Tower, another Ray Conrad tune, performed by John Sidle at a coffee shop in Santa Clara, CA.

Fun stuff, thanks everyone!




  1. This is fabulous. I will listen to this skiing songs tonight.

  2. ive got some old cassette tapes of ski songs by ray conrad and a scratchy LP , SKI COUNTRY, by the hustlers.
    im certainly not tech savvy, but wouldnt it be nice if one of us geeks compiled a bunch of these old ski songs and made a CD? they’d be cranked up on the car stereo as we headed to our favorite ski areas.
    and the creator would make a few bucks.

  3. Our favorite was “Gory, Gory” [what a hell of a way to die]…

  4. Dennis Grunbeck says:

    Thank you for posting these, I am enjoying them immensely. I especially like the Skier’s Daydream.

  5. hey, mike,
    if you ever hear of anyone making a compilation of these old songs in a more contemporary format, ie; a CD, please let us all know.
    keep up the good work.

  6. Theresa Northcutt says:

    my dad sang ski songs on the ski trains of the 1940’s.. we have the intercollegiate songbook.. and since my dad (who taught skiing for 50 yrs) yodeled and sang.. we grew up on “two boards upon cold powder snow” and “war hoop” –sven and ollie joining up the mountain troops…

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