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This week, I had the privilege of taking a few runs with George Jedenoff, the 103-year old Californian who enjoys skiing at Alta.

He was there with the 70+ Ski Club, one of 160 people on its annual Utah trip.

George and Jon at Alta.

I had arranged to meet Richard Lambert, the capable proprietor of the 70+ Ski Club, and learned that George would be there as well. 

We were in Alf’s, the day lodge near the Supreme and Sugarloaf lifts. George entered, all smiles, shaking many hands.

We sat and chatted. I had looked at his autobiography on Amazon and knew a bit of his story. Parents fled the Russian Revolution when he was a toddler. Arriving in the US in 1923. Working as a miner in California for 50¢ an hour. Graduating with honors from Stanford University. Serving the US in WWII. Entering the steel industry, eventually rising to president of Kaiser Steel.

Quite the impressive story.

In the lodge, young and old asked to have their pictures taken with George, a symbol of skiing’s possibilities.

Frequent SeniorsSkiing.com contributor, Harriet Wallis, was there. She, Richard Lambert, and I met George and his son outside. We followed him down some Sunnyside trails. His turns were smooth and graceful. A few times, he entered chopped powder on the side of the trail for more turns.

The Alta photographer took some shots for Alta’s Photo of the Day.

George and his son had taken several runs before we met at Alf’s. Now, we were taking several more. 

The sun was shining. The air was brisk. The snow was great. George didn’t want to stop skiing.


  1. Richard Kavey says:

    Wonderful. Never look back, something might be gaining Satchel Paige. Keep on turnen!⛷

  2. Got to see George last year and am so pleased he is back for another season of skiing!!!!! My role model.

  3. I have met George and his friends several times at Alta. They have a regular ski group, the name of which I do not recall. Great people!!!!!!

  4. Debra D Moore says:

    Is Grorge Jedenoff skiing this year?

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