Should We Have Ski Equipment Just For Seniors, Too?

Jen Gureki saw a clear need for women's skis and founded Coalition Snow. Credit: The Ski Diva
Jen Gureki saw a clear need for women’s skis and founded Coalition Snow.
Credit: The Ski Diva

At the ski shows last fall, we heard rumblings in the ski industry about products for specific segments.  Now, our friend and colleague The Ski Diva has tracked down and interviewed Jen Gureki, CEO and Founder of Coalition Snow, which manufactures skis for women.  Her rationale for developing a ski for women is interesting to us at The segment was getting second shrift from the industry.  Existing women’s skis were shoddy, filmsy and didn’t meet the needs of advanced skiers.  So, Jen designed and manufactured skis to meet their needs.  Pursuit of opportunity. Just like perenial innovator Denny Hanson did with senior-friendly Apex Boots Read her story and let us know what you think about segment-specific equipment.  If someone made senior skis, what would they be like?  What about cross-country equipment?  Boots? Clothing?  We think there is something here to dig into, don’t you fellow senior snow enthusiasts?  Click below for the whole interview.



  1. Mike Stebbins says:

    I think the industry as a whole needs to sharpen its aim and tailor messages for specific market segments. They also need to be more segment specific in the imagery. Perhaps a senior shredder can use the new HellBat 188, the pictures and videos of kids hucking them off a cliff one foot ahead of an avalanche may cause said senior shredder to not even consider that ski. The lift-seat-per-second accounting mentality really has the whole industry in a grip. Innovative producers such as Apex and Coalition Snow stand to win big in their target markets. Bravo!

  2. There are skis that are designed and built for smaller light weight skiers and different ski materials and design for taller heavier skiers. The other variable worth considering is skier ability.

    Whether those 2 skier groups are men or women, old or young is all about the marketing, so the idea that there is a need for a “special” ski for women only is wrong.

  3. Women have a different center of gravity than men. Women’s skis are a good thing!

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