Best Skis For Seniors 2020-2021

Click Here To Download Best Skis For Seniors 2020-2021

Click Here To Download Best Skis For Seniors 2020-21



  1. Great recommendations!

    I demoed the K2 Pinnacles and Solomon QSTs at Bachelor last weekend at Bachelor in variable terrain. All great. Picked the Pinnacle 95s for liveliness, great grip on hardpack but stability in crud and yet still good float in powder. Will be great for quick turns in trees and bumps but also fast on groomers.

  2. Long turns. Short turns. Soft snow. Hard snow. Crud. Losse granular. Ice. Steep terrain. Blue cruisers. High speed. Slow speed. Easy to ski with plenty edgehold. The Navigator 85 at 172 cm does it all for me. Wide stance or narrow. Weight a little forward. Effotless.

  3. Background Ski 60-100 days at Squaw each year, 68 yrs.

    I finally decided to turn my Armada Invictus skis into my rock skis. While I loved the 107 cm width, the turn radius was just a little to big (20m). At Squaw even on a great powder day – snow turns into chop within 2 hours (too many good skiers). And generally the water content makes this stuff hard to push around once it gets chopped up. The Invictus struggled through this stuff.

    So I was pretty excited to see the Nordica Enforcer 110 width with a 18.5m radius. They are great on groomers and can really cruise fast with no tip chatter, They handle the powder and bumps through the trees and steeps that Squaw is known for. And more importantly for me, the Nordicas have tamed our California crud and powder chop. Not sure how they handle on ice (but crap we don’t ski on those days). Ski weight is important at my age and these are even lighter than my Invictus ( 2182g versus 2,287g). All in all a great ski. Hard to find – even harder to find a discount.

  4. I’m finally going to buy a new set of skis after skiing hand me downs or second hand demos.

    I’m looking to replace my Rossi S3’s which are twin tip, 98 under foot. I really like the way these skis work in crud and new snow up to 4-5″. I’m not crazy about the carving ability of these skis and realize they were not necessarily designed to do so. I definitely don’t need twin tips as park skiing I’m not interested in. I’m also not a fan of bumps.

    I am a 67 years old, at the lower end of advanced skiing but improving as I started instructing at my local non-profit hill and am around good skiers who eat and breath skiing. We coach each other, etc. This year I obtained my PSIA Level 1 credential.

    I would say that I spend approximately 70% of my time on groomers but when conditions are good I head for trees and off-piste terrain.

    There are so many seemingly great skis out there! Recommendations?

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Mel, Check out best skis for older skiers guide for characteristics to look for and specific brands/models. Click “Community” at top of home page, then “Subscriber Only Content” and scroll to find it. Let us know if you find something you like. Jon

  5. Forgot to mention I reside in north central Washington state where we have fairly dry snow most of the time. Trips to BC, Canada are common.

  6. David Burka says:

    When I click on the “Click here to down,load the best skis for seniors” nothing happens. I am a member of the over 70 club

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