Fwoosh! By Matthew Haddad (Age 12)

[Editor Note: This poem was written when Matthew was 11 for his grandfather SeniorsSkiing.com reader Doug Haddad. Proud grand dad submitted it on his behalf.]

Past snowy hills

On a 100 degree down

Intricate snowflakes

Frozen hearted yet making a winter wonderland 

Where skiing takes place

Over thousands of moguls

Making the snow a light wave

Directed down a thin river

When at a halt below, at the base all seems your fault

For the fun has stopped

Yet you may go up for another round

Lifted up by chairlifts

To another zoom down the mounting


  1. Douglas Haddad says:

    I appreciate you posting my grandson’s poem.
    As a long time skier (60 years, 35 years ski patrol) I was moved when I first read the poem. I consider it EPIC.

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