By Emily Dickinson

[Editor Note: An homage to Spring is due. Let’s all relax, watch the crocuses emerge, and remember the poetry of Emily Dickinson.]

“To lose – if One can find again -⁣
To miss – if One shall meet -⁣
The Burglar cannot rob – then -⁣
The Broker cannot cheat.⁣
So build the hillocks gaily -⁣
Thou little spade of mine⁣
Leaving nooks for Daisy⁣
And for Columbine -⁣
You and I the secret⁣
Of the Crocus know -⁣
Let us chant it softly -⁣
‘There is no more snow’!” ⁣


  1. Avatar Alicia Schilder says:

    Beautiful! I love these “snow in literature” interludes. I read them first!

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