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Flipping out: Lofoten, Norway Credit: Oystein Aasheim
Flipping out over deals for subscribers!
Credit: Oystein Aasheim

We have arranged for this subscriber benefit with, the online community for industry experts and influencers that matches qualified members with exclusive discounts on top brands.

These offers—the same as or similar to those available to professional ski and snowboard instructors—are based on the understanding that subscribers influence buying decisions by their peers.

There is no cost for being a subscriber, and there is no fee for using

Look for emails from us soon and over the coming weeks. They will explain the simple registration process and will link to ProMotive’s “Snow Influencers Team.”

Our Subscriber Survey revealed our readers want discounts for seniors. We hope you enjoy this new subscriber benefit!

Mike Maginn, Jon Weisberg, Co-Publishers



  1. hi, i am a long-time travel and ski writer, and staff editor in news.
    In Canada! Yes, a senior.
    Skiing since I was 5 in Vermont, and throughout Quebec, and sometimes overseas.

    Is your print HIsotry magazine available in Canada ?

    • Avatar Michael Maginn says:

      Hi Rochelle:
      We welcome your interest. We don’t have a print version of We are an online magazine for Senior snow sports enthusiasts. On the other hand, you may be thinking about the International Ski History Association which publishes a Ski History magazine in print. It’s a terrific organization and fascinating publication. For more information, go to http:/

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