Try This New Game: It’s A Cross Between Where’s Waldo And A Scavenger Hunt.

Find the Bear. Credit: Harriet Wallis

I was skiing at Deer Valley, and I was taking photos. I’m always taking photos. It’s what I do. I never know when I’ll need a certain shot to illustrate a story.

Find the flamingo (?!) Credit: Harriet Wallis

The next time I skied Deer Valley, I was with a friend. I showed her eight photos including the carved bear skiing on a roof, a flamingo wearing a white cross outside one of the ski patrol buildings, and a bronze Native American sculpture. I challenged her to find the real things as we skied around the mountain.

We covered a lot of trails that day. Deer Valley has more than 2,000 acres of skiing, six bowls and 101 ski runs. The hunt forced us to ski a trail once, so she could look for an item, and then move on rather than sticking to one trail over and over. It was a whole new angle on having fun.

Bingo! She found everything shown in my photos. And we were thoroughly tuckered out.

Find the mountain goat. Credit: Harriet Wallis

How To Play

If you are used to taking photos only at scenic spots, try snapping photos of things you see around your favorite mountain, such as a certain trail sign or an unusual weathered tree. Then show the photos to your friends (if they’re whacky enough) or to your grandkids. Challenge them to find those things. You can even offer rewards.

If the springtime slopes start to become ho hum, silliness will add new zest.

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Find the warrior. Credit: Harriet Wallis

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  1. Michael Maginn says:

    This Comment Inserted On Behalf of Emilio Trampuz:
    “This is a great idea! Our Mountain High Snowsport Club (Portland, OR) played a similar game during our 2015 trip to Whitefish Mt., Montana. We challenged people to find 3 or 4 places on the mountain (based on photos), and answer a few questions, such as which is the longest trail, and what other mountain is Jesus looking at? Everyone found the statue of Jesus, but nobody found the big mound of snow with a view of the town of Whitefish in the background. We showed them on the last day of the trip. See the challenge at:

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