Remember Classic Skiing?

Those sweaters, that hair, those baggy pants. Stein was a one-of-a-kind.

Here’s a really great tribute video from Outside TV on Stein Eriksen’s role in creating the world of modern skiing. From extreme skiing to blue cruising, Stein has had a deep and lasting impact on the sport.  Who hasn’t tried to ski with knees locked together in a comma position just like him?

Click below to watch real wedlen and gelandesprungen in action. He sure makes it look easy.


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  1. Dave Irons says:

    Thanks for this memory. I had the privilege of having Stein as our guide in a trip to check out the Olympic venues the year before the Lillehammer games. From our arrival in Oslo where Stein pointed out his family home half way up the mountain to the Hollmenkollen Jump to a day of skiing with him at Opdahl, one of the country’s top ski centers Stein made it a point to interact wth eveyone in our small group of about ten. On our ski day, he made a point of giving everyone a tip about their skiing, except me. After our last run I asked him about my tip,. He simply said, “you ski beautifully”. What more could any skier ask? Better yet, years later he was in Boston to accept the BEWI Award. When I approached to congratulate him, he exclaimed, “Dave, how nice to see you again.” Stein Erickson was not only a master of skiing, he was a master with people, on of skiing’s truly nice guys.

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