Now This Should Tighten You Up.

Cody Townsend, professional free skier and athlete, takes on the most improbable ski run we’ve ever seen.  The scene is a near vertical chute in Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountains, more like a elevator shaft than a ski run.  This scene is a clip from Red Bull’s documentary, “Days of My Youth.”  We are certain that the legendary Dick Buek, winner of the 1952 Olympics downhill and probably the original extreme skier, would approve.   This stunt is reminiscent of Dick’s daredevil runs; he was the first person to schuss Exhibition at Sun Valley, something that French skiing pioneer Emile Allais said could never be done.  And, of course, there’s another legend Toni Matt whose run down the Headwall at Tuckerman’s Ravine to win the 1939 Inferno Race still echoes through the White Mountains.  All of these guys like to go straight down.  Fearless.

Cody, you’re following some pretty impressive skiing heroes.  Be careful out there.  Or is that not the point?


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