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Skiing History magazine: Sept-Oct 2021

The first fall issue of Skiing History magazine (September-October 2021) kicks off with a spectacular three-part history of skiing music and song by long-time contributor Charlie Sanders. Most of us remember when skiers gathered around the fireplace with guitars and gluhwein in hand, singing along to “Super Skier,” “90 Pounds of Rucksack” and “Two Boards Upon Cold Powder Snow.” Charlie has reconstructed ski-related songs back to the 19th century – and the full-length series, posted on the website, contains 200 links to actual musical performances on YouTube.

This issue’s featured athlete is the amazing Olympic freestyle gold medalist Kari Traa. With three medals in four Olympiads, four world championships and four overall World Cup titles, Traa remains the most-decorated mogul skier in history. Today she’s raising kids and running a $70 million athletic-wear company – but has time to compete in formation skydiving events. Our new contributor, widely published sportswriter Aimee Berg, interviewed Traa at length.

For several generations, until aluminum replaced hickory as the choice material for jumping and downhill racing skis, Northland was the world’s premier ski brand. Owner Christian Lund promoted the idea that he founded the company. But the truth is far more complicated. As authors Greg Fangel and Paul Hooge explain, Lund shrewdly took advantage of several factory fires to acquire control of the company, and the market.

Remember when ski instructors yelled at us to “down-UP!” to start each turn? Ron LeMaster reviews the use of up-unweighting in the old Arlberg technique and its de-emphasis in modern skiing. We still use it sometimes in heavy powder.

The Bonne Bell Ski Team didn’t race – they sold cosmetics. Jeff Blumenfeld recounts the story of Jess Bell’s wholesome, athletic skiing glamor girls.

Andreas Wyller was Norway’s first Alpine racing champion. Einar Sunde reviews a new biography, in Norwegian, recounting Wyller’s career in skiing and heroic death as a Royal Air Force pilot.

Plus: The Laurentian Ski Museum finds a new home; the mayhem of the 1964 Bash for Cash race at Aspen Highlands; a Warren Miller classic on shaping up for skiing; and much more!

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  1. Hi Seth, looking forward to it as always. Especially Charlie’s ski music links. Hope to make it to Sun Valley in March. See you there. Roger Evans, Fairbanks, Alaska

  2. ArtskiSexauer says:

    A must see Ishpaming Michigan International ski hall if fame.
    Includes horse snow shoes!

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