Once In A Year, It Is Not Thought Amiss.

SeniorsSkiing is halfway through its seventh publishing year. Over that time, we’ve advocated for seniors, conducted research on on-hill accidents, published best skis and best boots listings, recognized those seniors who really ski a lot, and provide a directory of where seniors can ski for free or almost free.

We publish articles about conditioning, gear, resorts, ski history, alternatives to Alpine skiing, interesting personalities, the weather, instruction, personal narratives, and lots more.

All for free.

No subscription.

But we do have expenses.  And our once a year appeal for support helps defray those costs which, by the way, keep going up as SeniorsSkiing.com’s number of readers grows.

So please consider a donation.  Hey, $10 is a tuna fish sandwich, five gallons of gas, a bowl of chili and a diet coke, three tubes of toothpaste, a bottle of okay Pinot Noir.  You get the idea.





  1. Dean Halver says:

    How and where do I get the ski directory. It used to be mailed out? Haven’t seen it for awhile. I signed up as a member once and again but never see or get a request for dues? Is that something of the past?

    • Michael Maginn says:

      I just sent last year’s via email. We didn’t produce a directory of free/almost free skiing for seniors this year because of 1) the uncertainty caused by the virus, 2) the uncertainty caused by Epic/Ikon season pass policy changes. Maybe next year if this all blows over.

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