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1958 National Ski Association Certification Meeting at Alta

Your Next (or Last) Ski Lesson Can Be Traced Back to Alta

The origins of the Professional Ski Instructors of America’s (PSIA) harmonized approach to ski instruction in the United States can be traced back to Alta. When skiing was first taking hold as a participation sport around the Intermountain region in the mid- to late-1930s, ski instruction was informal; limited to tips provided by anyone who had been on a pair[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

Each season, at this time, we pass the fund-raising hat. Your contributions, modest and generous, help keep arriving to your inbox free of charge. Please click here to access our fundraising page. We’re requesting a minimum contribution of $14, or $1 per issue. Readers contributing $50 or more will receive Licensed To Ski, the original 28” x 22” poster[Read More…]

Meet 96-Year-Old Ski Legend: Junior Bounous

Meet 96-Year-Old Ski Legend: Junior Bounous

Ski industry icon Junior Bounous, 96, is a mover and shaker whose passion is to keep people skiing throughout their lives. In a nutshell, he tells seniors: Just “keep moving.” Junior’s career spans nearly eight decades with a list of accomplishments and awards longer than both my arms: Intermountain cross country and national gelande jumping champion, national race course setter,[Read More…]

Mystery Glimpse: This Isn’t Easy

Mystery Glimpse: This Isn’t Easy

Bombing Down What is going on here? Party? Race? One thing we will tell you is that this looks like (and was) a very tricky maneuver on skis. One resort made these famous.  Name it? The inventor?  Thanks again to the Colorado Snowsports Museum at Vail. Last Week Indeed, this is Alf and Alan Engen doing some father and son ski[Read More…]

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Alf circa 1933
Credit: Alan Engen

How Wheaties Affected The 1936 Olympics

The Breakfast of Champions Kept Champion Ski Jumper Alf Engen From Competing. Legendary extreme athlete Alf Engen, known as the greatest all-around skier ever, was a champion soccer player, skier and ski jumper. During the 1930s, he set ski jumping world records. He helped design and establish more than 30 ski areas in the western United States. And he’s fondly[Read More…]

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Alf Engen and Alan Engen jumping at Alta, circa 1949.

SnowSports Leader: Alan K. Engen

When Alan Engen was born, Dr. Wherritt put wooden tongue depressors—like miniature skis—on the bottom of his little feet and handed the newborn to his legendary father, Alf Engen. “I think I can safely say that I came pretty close to being born on skis,” says Alan. He learned to ski when he was two. Thus began a lifetime of[Read More…]

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WOB clowning around at Alta circa 1970.

Buddy Up: Senior Ski Clubs Have More Fun

Alan Engen Recounts How Alta’s Wild Old Bunch has been meeting on the mountain since 1969. With the baby boomers now reaching retirement age, there is a growing population of senior age skiers on the slopes, some of whom are even active in competitive skiing activities. As a result, senior ski programs are becoming a significant part of many ski[Read More…]

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