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Short Swings!

Would you pay an additional $49+ not to wait in the lift line? Express lines have been available for years for members of exclusive clubs and for skiers accompanied by instructors. Now it will be available for a fee on a day-by-day basis at Snowbird (UT), Killington (VT), Copper Mountain (CO) and Mount Bachelor (OR), all areas owned by Utah-based[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

I don’t know how it happened, but between last season and this one I lost my custom foot beds. They were made about 15 years ago when I purchased my first Surefoot customized boots and, like the boots, they were pricey. Those beds stayed with me over the course of three or four subsequent boots. Then they were gone.    Foot[Read More…]

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Alf Engen and Alan Engen jumping at Alta, circa 1949.

SnowSports Leader: Alan K. Engen

When Alan Engen was born, Dr. Wherritt put wooden tongue depressors—like miniature skis—on the bottom of his little feet and handed the newborn to his legendary father, Alf Engen. “I think I can safely say that I came pretty close to being born on skis,” says Alan. He learned to ski when he was two. Thus began a lifetime of[Read More…]

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