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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

In my never-ending  battle with weight, I found myself wondering if we weigh more at sea level than we do in the mountains.  We do. It’s not a lot, but it is physically factual. The science of it has to do with gravitational pull, which is what weight is, and the size difference between the entire planet and you. Pretty[Read More…]

by September 21, 2018 0 comments Short Swings!
Short Swings!

Short Swings!

To Our Readers It’s cold where I’m writing this. I drove several hours yesterday to get here. One hour of it was through flurries; at least one-half hour through blizzard. I got the stoves working, changed into warm clothes and had a few sips of single malt. Then I started reading the hundreds and hundreds of answers to our survey[Read More…]

by May 18, 2017 0 comments Short Swings!

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