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Bear's Ears. Courtesy: Chicago Tribune

Short Swings!

I’ve always believed in working with a competent car mechanic. The same applies to a well-trained bootfitter. Many older skiers experience boot issues, and a good fitter can help overcome them. Masterfit is in the business of training people to fit ski boots. Their instructors include pedorthists, professionals with specialized training to modify footwear and employ supportive devices to address[Read More…]

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Tower of Babel watches over Arches National Park, UT.
Credit: John Nelson

This Week In (May 20)

Spring Survey Responses A Wow, Fling Golf, La Nina Coming Soon, More Cycling Series. We are truly awed and grateful for the incredible, enthusiastic responses we’ve been getting to our Spring Subscriber Survey 2016. If you’re familiar at all with surveys, you know that response rates are often in the single digits. So far, we’ve received fantastic 27.5% response rate.[Read More…]

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Landscape arch in the Devils Garden Trail in Arches National Park.
Credit: John Nelson

Cycling Series: Rolling Among The Rocks At Arches

Once Past The Crowds, Another World Opens Up. Looking out the window of a car just can’t capture the otherworldly beauty of Arches National Park in Utah. In this stark and dramatic landscape of towering spires, delicate arches and balanced rocks, I chose to bike and hike on my pathway to discovery. I visited Arches in Fall 2015. I pulled[Read More…]

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