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Alta's Smiling Rock

Short Swings!

This is the first issue of of 2022. I wish all readers good health, happiness, and peace for the New Year. But Covid’s omicron variant is challenging that wish for good health. It’s spreading fast, even among those who have been triple vaxxed. For most of the infected, it appears to be less taxing than Delta or earlier iterations. One[Read More…]

Early Sun Valley chair

Short Swings!

Last week was the single deadliest avalanche week in the US since 1910. Avalanches claimed 15 lives: five in Utah, four in Colorado, three in Alaska, and one each in California, Montana and New Hampshire. To date, this season, 21 people perished.  According to, all but five of the fatalities were skiers or boarders.  Experts attribute the dangerous conditions to the thin[Read More…]

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Sunny day at Tote Road Quad.

Loon Mountain Resort Update

Lodges Closed. Back To Basics. [Please consider supporting with a donation. We appreciate your help. Click here.] Kudos to Loon Mountain Resort, N.H., for managing COVID restrictions so well. Our family bubble all agreed the best thing Loon had done was shut down all the lodges to indoor food service. That simplified one’s strategizing. Grab ‘n Go food windows[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

  This is our final issue of 2020. We’re not saddened to see the year go. Whatever your holiday of choice, please enjoy it safely. And celebrate the arrival of the New Year. It’s time to turn the page on so many things. Here’s wishing you a great season and many bright and promising days ahead! What Do Vaccines and[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

How often do you think about skiing? To my wife’s dismay, it’s always top of mind. A few months ago, camping in a remote, high mountain location with some fellow skiers, we realized we were simultaneously having the same thought: What would be the best line down those North-facing slopes? Chuckles and beers followed. Harder evidence trickled in throughout summer[Read More…]

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Masks were everywhere in the Perisher lodge. Credit: John Harris

This Week In (10/2)

And So Begins The 2020-21 Publishing Season. Fasten your face masks firmly in place; this winter is going to be like no other.   The entire snow sports industry has spent the summer planning how to open up when the snow flies.  Uncertainty about the future makes people anxious, however, the semblance of a cohesive, cogent plan with precautions goes[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

We are entering a season of uncertainty. Some resorts have discontinued walk-up ticket sales, some will require advance reservations, many will require masks and social distancing; for others, it will be business as usual. Some, unfortunately, will not open at all. Many resorts are bracing for a sharp reduction in the number of vacationers arriving by air. Air traffic is[Read More…]

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